Erica Campbell wants you to pray…

Erica Campbell wants you to pray…

unnamed (63)Hey Friends,
I need your help. I want to promote prayer – no agenda. I just want hurting people to know, we as artists, are praying for our World! And not just the USA but the world that our God created. It’s cool to receive “I’m praying for you” via text or post but to see your face, your eyes and your passion for prayer is powerful.
Please join me in praying for our world!

All I need you to do is Film Yourself saying:
“I’m praying for you.”

If you want to add a country at the beginning of your message OR if you want to expound on your message, that’s fine too.

Turn your phone horizontally and film yourself (or have a friend do it so the angle and lighting is good).

Please send to me at

I love you and I mean it! 

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