Your spouse doesn’t want children, what next?

Your spouse doesn’t want children, what next?

Last week, People reported that Jeannie Mai from The Real and her husband of 10 years Freddy Harteis are divorcing. The reason behind the split is their separate stances on children.

Mai has been adamant from the beginning that she doesn’t want children and Harteis has been adamant that he does. 10 years later, neither has really changed their mind or their stance and are now at an impasse in their loving marriage. Yeah…really love each other, just not enough to agree on having children.

How does this happen? Two people love each other, but not their choices. In the clip below, Jeannie tells her co-hosts about the heartbreaking impasse at which she and her husband currently find themselves.

If the two disagreed on children going into the marriage, do you think the marriage was doomed from the beginning? In scripture, we talk about being “unequally yoked” which applies to more than belief and faith. More and more professional women are opting against childbirth and child rearing altogether. What Mai has decided is not status-quo, but it certainly is understood by many.

Do gender roles have any bearing on the conversation and is there an unreasonable expectation on women to want to bear children? If the two were unequally yoked about children from the beginning, why pursue? Amos says two can’t walk together except they agree (Amos 3:3). Let’s talk about that.

How much agreement is enough to get married and how much disagreement is too much to move forward in a relationship or to choose not to marry? Do you think that Jeannie is afraid and that they will eventually have children?

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