Move Over Martha Stewart! Read why Michelle Williams wants to put you to bed!

Move Over Martha Stewart! Read why Michelle Williams wants to put you to bed!

michelle-williamsIf I were to tell you that Michelle Williams has a bedding line your response would more than likely be affirmative. If I told you that it was THAT Michelle Williams and not this one or that one, you’d probably be struck with incredulity. Yes, Michelle Williams of…that…well she doesn’t talk much about it anymore but yeah, those three ladies…that group! She’s an entrepreneur, a BOSS and real Leading Lady with her Believe At Home line of bedding.

Cindy Crawford and Sofia Vergara have furniture for your home and even Serita Jakes has a candle line to bring “peace” and tranquility to your home. Michelle Williams has bedding and wants you to sleep in heavenly peace with her Believe At Home bedding. Currently, her products are sold exclusively on evine, but the artist and entrepreneur has announced a 2017 retail debut for the bedding.

While at the “Ladies That Lead” Dallas stop, she intimated that the bedding is the first of many home décor products she plans to offer consumers. She wants to ultimately outfit your home with believe products and we can’t wait to believe right along with her! Believe At Home was conceptualized in part by Dr. Holly Carter, the mastermind behind “Preachers of LA” on Oxygen TV, The Sheards on Black Entertainment Television and a number of highly successful ventures with actors, musicians and communicators nationwide. Upon reconnecting with Williams, Dr. Carter sprang into action upon remembering her desire to establish a home décor line.

Williams has taken on the role of reinventing herself after years of being known as only a singer. She wants the world to see her as more than a singer though she’s not completely ready to professionally doff the title. She still travels and makes dates across the country but sooner than later, you may know Michelle Williams as your home’s interior decorator!

She explained to the “Ladies That Lead” tour in Dallas that she’s very much involved with the creation of quality bedding and oversees the steps in production to guarantee that her signature and style accompany the brand and products. Refusing to be sold on something she didn’t like, she told the audience about a moment when she resorted to layman’s terms in regard to a design, simply saying: “…it’s ugly!” after failed attempts to communicate her desire to deliver quality bedding at a great price.

Not quite used to hearing the name Michelle Williams in this way? Get used to it, as Believe At Home reaches retail next year, much more is to come. Williams intimated to the crowd about seeking a name for the company, she chose the name as more of an affirmation than anything else saying: “when you lay your head down at night…what have you believed for today?

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