Black Super Hero Girl Aims to Help Save Lung Patients Everywhere

Black Super Hero Girl Aims to Help Save Lung Patients Everywhere

Thousands of people receive lung transplants every year, but only around 50% of them survive over 5 years due to lack of research and technology. The Sid Foundation and their brown superhero “Lung Girl” that has been sponsored by Google, Amazon, Trader Joe’s and more, are working to change that by raising funds to support research and development as well as help lung transplant patients live longer and healthier lives.

The Sid Foundation is proud to announce “Lung Girl”, a comic book about a brown superhero girl fighting to help people with lung health issues and lung diseases. The idea of the comic is to provide useful information about lung health, in a fun and exciting way.

Lung Girl, along with her sidekick, Ecmo (a robot with numerous gadgets that aid lung disease victims), offers vital information for readers on their adventures in a race against time to help save the world from lung diseases. Sales from the comic book are used to help fund lung transplant research and provide support for lung transplant patients, so everytime you purchase a comic you can be sure that you are the real hero.

According to The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, after receiving a lung transplant, only 78% of patients survive the first year, and only 51% live for up to 5 years. Thousands of people receive lung transplants every year. However, lung transplants have the lowest survival rate among all organ transplantation. Lung transplants are more complicated procedures than other organ transplants and because lungs are the only organ in the body that are exposed to the outside environment (air), this makes it easy for patients to get infections. Not to mention, lung transplant patients have to shell out enormous amounts of money, owed to the fact that insurance usually cannot cover the full cost of surgery as well as the necessary 50 pills a day regiment. Hospitals don’t have adequate money to do research or develop technology to increase the survival rate for patients and not enough attention is being given to lung transplant patients by other organizations. The Sid Foundation was created to solve this problem and make life better for lung transplant patients everywhere.

The Sid Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization named after Sid Vahal, a young man who caught an infection that destroyed his lungs. He went on to receive a double lung transplant which, unfortunately only allowed him about 2 more years of life. Sid is recognized as a hero who fought until his last breath. The foundation was established to honor him, along with helping other lung transplant patients survive.

The Sid Foundation has been backed by Google, Amazon Smile, Trader Joe’s, King of Pops, Prime Vice Studios LLC, Kriya Capital, GATP Solutions, and many more organizations. The foundation has over the years helped multiple lung patients and raised over $40,000 dollars for their support as well as support for the research and development of lung transplantation. They are currently funding research at the University Of Kentucky Hospital Lung Transplant Program and have donated thousands of dollars in supplies, otherwise known as care packages, to lung transplant patients all over the United States. The foundation has also sold and donated hundreds of Lung Girl comic books and merchandise to hospitals, schools, libraries, and comic book fans around the world.

Lung Girl and The Sid Foundation continue to strive for the betterment of lung transplant patients around the world, but they need your help.

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