Two Small Town Girls Make a Huge Splash in the Hair Industry

Two Small Town Girls Make a Huge Splash in the Hair Industry

A Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist from Frierson, LA and a Professor from Cameron, TX invent a device that will revolutionize the hair extension industry.

Necessity is often called the mother of invention. This is particularly true for Texas native, A’Mera Frieman, and Louisiana native, Angela Smith. Personal experience in the removal of sewn-in-hair extensions led this talented duo onto the path of discovery. What they found was an innovative approach to the removal of hair extensions. The Takedown Tool-E™, which was developed for hair professionals and everyday consumers, is taking the hair extension industry by storm.

During the painstaking process of removing her own extensions, Frieman encountered a nature show featuring hawks. The curvature, sharpness and dynamic use of the hawk’s beak immediately became the inspiration for the TakeDown Tool-E™. The device combines the three traditional hair extension removal tools – comb, razor, and scissors. Compared to the alternate methods, the unique design of the Tool-E’s patented C-Shaped Cutting Curve significantly increases safety and efficiency in the extension removal process. The easy to use device is guaranteed to not only save time for the consumer, but also reduce the overall cost of extension removal. With less time spent on the extension removal process, an increase in profitability is projected for stylists and salon owners.

Meet the Takedown Tool-E’s new brand ambassador

Frieman and Smith combined their knowledge and business acumen to bring the Takedown Tool-E™ to market with a new business endeavor– Friedom Innovation LLC. Friedom Innovation is a collective innovation firm that was created to breathe life into ideas that facilitate efficiency, convenience, and safety for consumers and professionals in the beauty industry.

Frieman and Smith have pre-launched the Takedown Tool-E™ on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, offering up to a 40% off discount of the retail price. To order the innovative and efficient Takedown Tool-E™, the Kickstarter campaign can be found at

Friedom Innovation, LLC

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