Vincent Bohanan & SOV Continue Streak of Singable Hits and Memorable Music with Latest Release, ‘Live in Dallas’

Vincent Bohanan & SOV Continue Streak of Singable Hits and Memorable Music with Latest Release, ‘Live in Dallas’

What began in 2014 as a response to the lack of community choirs in the area is now the signature sound of the gospel choir loving millennial. The organization of the Sound of Victory Fellowship Choir was such a success that by the third rehearsal, nearly 100 members from as far away as New Jersey and Connecticut showed up. Pastor Bohanan has bridged the generational divide by reaching back to the days of traditional gospel choir music and integrating it into the new millennium sound and gospel music experience. Nine years later, the choir is one of the most dynamic ensembles in Gospel music.

With three albums and four Stellar Gospel Music Award nominations under its belt, Vincent Bohanan & SOV is releasing its fourth project “Live in Dallas”. Recorded at the Concord Church in Dallas, Texas, Bohanan describes the album as SOV all grown up. “This album is giving a more mature version of the choir and a more mature version of me,” says Bohanan. “We were still in our teens and early twenties when we recorded our prior albums. On the last album, I was only in my first year of being a pastor…a lot has changed since our last recording. Live in Dallas is definitely a more mature sound with the choir, with the band and with me.” The album boasts 11 full songs, with memorable praise breaks, reprises and intros creating a project of 16 tracks in total. Of all the 11 songs on the album, Bohanan wrote all but one, “There Will Be Glory” which was written by Sigmund Morriar.

The album opens with “Have Your Way Lord” which invokes the group’s plea for the Lord to rule the recording. After a fabulous unfurling, the album continues with “I’m A Witness,” a song that transformed the sanctuary at Concord into one giant choir stand. The Dallas album is earmarked by the charm and singability of compositions by the late Reverend Timothy Wright. SOV took great pride in bringing their hometown sound to the South, punctuated by vocal and musical arrangements reminiscent of Brooklyn born gospel legend Professor James Hall. “I’m A Witness” compels singing along. Even without knowing the words, listeners find themselves lifting the refrain long before the song reaches its vamp. This is one of the first songs ever taught to the choir and the message and music ring true to the commitment of Christian evangelism and the preservation of the unique sound that emanates from the iconic borough.

Proof that you don’t need a lot to do a lot, Vincent Bohanan & SOV boast a simple sophistication tuned to the ears of gospel choir music listeners everywhere. The pace slows slightly with “I Still Believe,” which features Isaiah Templeton of Chicago. This follows up the Chicago album’s “I Believe God,” continues the theme and presses into the first praise break of the album. Showing off the choir’s range as a worship chorale also, native New Yorker Anaysha Figueroa Cooper joins the choir to lend her signature vocals on “Forever.” The lead single from Live in Dallas is “I Love to Call Him,” which flaunts a memorable refrain boosted by a driving bass line that moves body and spirit. Many members have remained with the group since its inception. Briana Young, an original member sings a reminder that if you don’t have the strength to fight on your own, He will always fight for you on “He Fights for Me.” Malik McClain leads “My Answer Will Be Yes,” resemblant of the best choir and band combinations of gospel choir heyday. 

What’s a choir album without Bishop Kevin Bond? This one wouldn’t be complete without his unparalleled wordsmithing. His introduction preludes the second half of the album and the pronouncement of glory that is to come. Nikitta Foxx leads “There Will Be Glory” which lifts Concord’s sanctuary into an extended moment of praise and first reprised song of the album. From there, Bohanan and SOV pick up the tempo and throw us back to another of Bohanan’s first songs with their updated version of “Joy.” Not one to pause the people in praise, “I’ve Got It- Victory Chant” follows and pushes the praise to the rafters! 

Kaylah Harvey delivers a stirring lead and refreshing spin on the timeless gospel hymn, “I Surrender All.” For an album containing reprises and remakes, the Dallas album is a masterpiece of its own merit. Adding “Any Day Now” to the track listing creates an instant, incessant loop of the latest offering from this amazing group led by a spiritual and sonic visionary.

Live in Dallas was recorded in 2022, to commemorate the 8th anniversary of Vincent Bohanan & SOV. “Every year, we do an anniversary concert in a different city so that we can connect with our fans from around the country. Every city has its own energy, and we get to feed off of that to create a unique experience for each recordingWe had a great evening of celebrating the Lord through song, and I think people will enjoy the recording,” says Bohanan.

Vincent Bohanan & SOV was the first artist signed to HezHouse Entertainment. HezHouse founder, Grammy winner Hezekiah Walker, says the ensemble “embodies the strength and vitality of the millennial Gospel choir sound.” Live in Dallas is Vincent Bohanan & SOV’s second release on HezHouse Entertainment, which is distributed through Provident Music Group and released to all digital streaming platforms Friday, October 6, 2023.

Not just any day…”Father’s Day: A Kirk Franklin Story” and why you just may need a moment, and some tissue

Not just any day…”Father’s Day: A Kirk Franklin Story” and why you just may need a moment, and some tissue

Today, Kirk Franklin released a blockbuster short film revealing the dark truth of his paternity entitled, “Father’s Day: A Kirk Franklin Story. In the film, Franklin is not a top selling, platinum certified arena filling artist. He’s a man in search of himself. “Where did I come from?” and “Who am I?” are questions that bring men to their an early end when unanswered. Kirk Franklin, the man accused of not only taking gospel music “too far but further than ever imagined lays bare the soul shattering pain of an unresolved paternity search.

Simultaneously, the film chronicles his journey of completing his 13th album while also coming to terms with the painful truth of his identity and paternity. At one point, the search for truth preempts recording as he traces the whispers from Riverside to nearby in Arlington to find the man he can safely call his father. Through a series of fateful events, Kirk Franklin discovers that the man he knew as his father was not and that there may be some truth to the rumors circulating throughout Fort Worth and the “Riverside” community. These rumors asserted that the man we would all come to later know as Rick Hubbard may be his father.

Mr. Hubbard proactively took a paternity test and sent the results to Franklin who then took a paternity test to match against Hubbard’s. The test confirmed paternity but brought more questions than closure. Franklin then discovered another barrier to understanding was trying to resolve his strained relationship with his mother. She was in no mood to make the situation better and remained defiant in denial of the results.

Kirk Franklin has been very transparent about his paternity journey and this short film takes us the deepest into the heart and mind of one of the world’s most electrifying entertainers in any genre. With “Losing My Religion,” Franklin revisited his catalog and journey through “Twenty Years in One Night” and an unmatched amalgam of world-class talent. With “Father’s Day” Franklin’s 13th album, he punctuates the parasitical identity crisis that has been a part of his 30 year journey, woven into each lyric, phase and phrase.

“Father’s Day” as an album and short film both matter because sonship matters to Kirk Franklin and it always has. Unlike many men who have compartmentalized the existential crisis created by paternal absenteeism, Kirk’s transparency reveals the innate desire of sons for their fathers and the deep pain experienced because the desire never truly goes away. Not even when you have spiritual fathers who fill in the gap like Dr. Tony Evans. I’ll never forget watching Kirk literally sitting at Dr. Evans’ feet asking questions and inquiring about subjects later addressed in “Losing My Religion.”

Kirk Franklin performs in Dallas during his “Twenty Years in One Night” concert. Franklin combined 20 years of hits in one concert tour, performing with an incredible lineup of singers and musicians.
Photo Credit: Fred Willis, SoulProsper Media Group

Reflecting on the aftermath of meeting his father, Kirk says, “He didn’t even know he had a son and I didn’t even know I had a father.” He went on to say, “I was that close to having a daddy. I wanted a daddy so bad!” Franklin discovered that his father lives close to his studio and that his youngest son played with one of his neighbors at a nearby house.

This ordeal wouldn’t be complete without meeting with his mother, so through his aunt Sandra, he met with his estranged mother, Debra for the first time in 23 years. Unfortunately, closure wasn’t gained and he made a painful decision in the wake of their second meeting which included both his mother and father. The harsh reality of Kirk Franklin’s story is that he spent majority of his life without either parent, though both of them were alive and never truly far from him, at all. He said of this endeavor, “I don’t want anybody being able to have a conversation about this except for me.” If you’ve ever been the subject of questionable paternity, you know exactly what he means by that.

Regardless of your station in life, you’re never more than the reduction of an illegitimate child when you’re the topic of those clandestine conversations. Knowing this, it’s no wonder that you become as he stated, “...indoctrinated in trauma that you become institutionalized in your trauma.

While closing one chapter, there was yet another to bring closure to. Franklin’s strained relationship with his oldest son, Kerrion was also brought to a resolution in this short film. After two years, the two men not only loved on each other but relished the revelation that changed everything about their relationship. Tearfully, Kerrion confessed that “this is the only thing that I need that’s been missing from my life. There’s nothing I ask God for every single day I wake up. I have everything I want except you and my grandfather.”

Father’s Day on the calendar has passed, but October 6, 2023 is a day many will be looking forward to as Kirk Franklin tackles sonship from a new, possibly healed perspective. After watching “Father’s Day: A Kirk Franklin Story,” what are your thoughts? Do you think this will convince men and women to reach out to their estranged fathers and mothers or for them to finally accept the children they’ve denied for years?Watch and share your feedback with us.

Complete Winners List: 2023 Stellar Gospel Music Awards

Complete Winners List: 2023 Stellar Gospel Music Awards

Last Saturday in Las Vegas was a movie as the gospel music community converged upon the Orleans Arena to celebrate the BIGGEST night in gospel music! The 2023 Stellar Gospel Music Awards experience was unmatched and unrivaled. With the addition of Stellar+ programming, Stellar week kicked off midweek and peaked with Saturday night’s capacity crowd live-taping. Jonathan McReynolds and Tasha Cobbs-Leonard hosted the night and what seemed to signify a changing of the guard in gospel music. Of the many storylines stemming from this year’s show, none came up short! Pastor Mike, Jr. led all nominees and winners with ten and eight, respectively. PMJ was not only the night’s biggest winner, but the weekend’s biggest winner, serving as an ambassador for the Stellar Awards in many of the local activities.

Now, for the BIG news of the night’s wins…

Category #1


Pastor Mike Jr.; Winning; Blacksmoke Music Worldwide

Category #2


Impossible; Pastor Mike Jr., James Fortune & JeVon Hill; Blacksmoke Music Worldwide

Category #3


Pastor Mike Jr.; Winning; Blacksmoke Music Worldwide



DOE; Clarity; Life Room Label/RCA Inspiration



Maverick City Music x Kirk Franklin; Kingdom Book One; Tribl Records / Fo Yo Soul Recordings / RCA Inspiration



Lena Byrd Miles; Brand New; My Block Inc.



Winning; Pastor Mike Jr.; Blacksmoke Music Worldwide



Brent Jones; Nothing Else Matters (INSTEAD OF COMPLAINING, PRAISE HIM); JDI Entertainment



Tye Tribbett & Joseph Bethea; All Things New; Motown Gospel



Maverick City Music x Kirk Franklin; Kingdom Book One; Tribl Records / Fo Yo Soul Recordings / RCA Inspiration



Pastor Mike Jr.; Winning; Blacksmoke Music Worldwide



Zacardi Cortez; Imprint; Blacksmoke Music Worldwide



DOE; Clarity; Life Room Label/RCA Inspiration



Winning; Pastor Mike Jr.; Blacksmoke Music Worldwide



Imprint; Zacardi Cortez; Blacksmoke Music Worldwide



When I Pray; Doe; Life Room Label/RCA Inspiration



Mr. McClure; Michael McClure, Andre Rudolph & Antonio Minifield; Blacksmoke Music Worldwide



T.D. Jakes Presents “Finally Loosed”; Various Artists; Dexterity Sounds



Church Clothes 4; Lecrae; Reach Records  



Detroit Youth Choir; Rockspell; Confidential Records



Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson; Restructure, Renew Reunion; Blacksmoke Music Worldwide



All Things New; Mike McKesey & Trent Nicholson; Motown Gospel  



Hymns; Tasha Cobbs LeonardTeeLee Records/Motown Gospel



You’ve Been Good To Me; Zacardi Cortez; Blacksmoke Music Worldwide



Blak Sheep; Pastor Mike Jr.Blacksmoke Music Worldwide  



Rev. Milton Biggham


CeCe Winans


Ambassador Dr. Bobby Jones


Dottie Peoples



WPZE Praise 102.5, Atlanta 


WHAL-FM 95.7, Memphis 


WXHL 89.1 FM Reach Gospel Radio, Wilmington


WWLD-HD2 98.3FM, Tallahassee


WVTC Gospel Radio Network,


Melanie Pratt, WPZS Praise – Melanie In The Midday


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The SMG Report was on hand and in the mix so don’t miss a moment of our red-carpet recap as well as moments from the media room, coming up this week! We have some exclusives that we can’t wait to share with you, so rock with us as we roll out our Stellar coverage!

As pointed out in pre-show interviews, the show is only the tip of the iceberg. The Stellar+ Experience put gospel music lovers and gospel music makers in shared spaces for informational, transactional and inspirational moments only the Stellars can provide. Because The Stellar Gospel Music Awards serve as the premiere gospel music awards promotion, the industry comes out to be a part of the week leading up to the show.

This gave The SMG Report a chance to hear Mary Mary discuss future plans for music and ministry, meet numerous artists under the MNRK imprint and umbrella, witness Laterras R. Whitfield’s LIVE episode taping of the Dear Future Wifey podcast.

AT&T Dream in Black is the presenting sponsor for the 38th Annual Stellar Awards. Aflac, GM, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, McDonalds, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Spotify, State Farm, Verizon and Walmart are also proud supporters of this year’s program.

Don’t miss the telecast of the 38th Annual Stellar Gospel Music Awards on the Stellar Network on Sunday, July 30 at 6 p.m. ET and BET on Sunday, August 6, at 8 p.m. ET. Prepare to be inspired and uplifted by the outstanding performances and heartfelt moments that define Gospel music.

For more information about the Stellar Gospel Music Awards Show, please visit Stay updated with the latest news by following @thestellars on Instagram and Twitter or Stellar Gospel Music Awards on Facebook.

It’s go time in Vegas as anticipation of the “Biggest Night in Gospel Music” rises

It’s go time in Vegas as anticipation of the “Biggest Night in Gospel Music” rises

After a virtual year in 2020, a return to previous home sites of Atlanta and Nashville, the Stellar Gospel Music Awards return to the city that truly never sleeps! And, how could you with BIG events at each corner of the city? The Stellar Gospel Music Awards’ return to Las Vegas is heralded but the biggest night in gospel music isn’t the biggest event in the city. The Stellar Awards join the NBA Summer League action, Usher Raymond’s residency at Park MGM, Chris Tucker’s weekend at the Wynn Resort, the WNBA All-Star game, AAU West Coast Championships, AGT Super Stars LIVE, countless musical reviews and attractions.

Read the 2023 Stellar announcement and get nominee news, performer lineups and more on the Stellar return to Las Vegas, here

However, the biggest night in gospel music could be getting even bigger! With a return to Las Vegas, the Stellar Awards are making room for gospel music lovers from all around the world. Early indications are that Saturday’s show is nearly sold out so if you plan to be there, you should probably have already bought your ticket!

Still need tickets?

The city is excited, the gospel music industry is excited but no one is more excited than Chairman & CEO, Central City Productions, Inc. Founder & Chairman, Stellar TV Network, Mr. Don Jackson. He says of this year’s Stellar Awards, “We’re back in Vegas and we’re there because the Stellar Awards has grown and to accommodate all of these wonderful nominees, the press, the performers and their families and all of that we have more than enough room in Vegas and we’re just so delighted at how they are receiving us at the Orleans arena.”

With the lineup that we have, I feel like a kid again!

Jackson continues, “They are happy to see us coming back to the Orleans. Vegas is a wonderful atmosphere for our pre-show, our involvement with the radio partners and radio stations where we are giving awards…” On Wednesday, during the Stellar Awards Youth Symposium, Mr. Jackson and the Central City Productions were honored with a proclamation proclaiming Saturday July 15th, Stellar Gospel Music Awards Day in Las Vegas by Councilman Cedric Crear.

Youth in attendance were treated to a sit down with Pastor Mike, Jr. and a dance session with celebrity choreographer Rosero McCoy. This year’s performing and visual arts camp carries a theme of passing the torch and Mr. Jackson seems to have passed the torch to his daughter Rhonda Jackson-Simmons who is behind much of the 2023 community involvement effort. This year, Central City Productions introduced the Stellar+ Experience which features one of a kind experiences with gospel music lovers, artists, media and friends leading up to Saturday’s big show.

The Stellar+ Experience comprises highly informative and engaging events as well as new events engaging gospel music lovers, artists, their representation and working media. This year’s show is hosted by Tasha Cobbs- Leonard and Jonathan McReynolds, transformative artists whose connections to listeners extend well beyond the confines of gospel music. Top nominees this year are: Pastor Mike, Jr. (10), Tye Tribbett (9), Maverick City x Kirk Franklin (6), Tasha Cobbs-Leonard (5), Zacardi Cortez (5). Other notable artists with multiple nominations include: Travis Greene & Forward City, JJ Hairston, Maranda Curtis, Bishop S.Y. Younger feat. Sounds of the Ramp, and Brent Jones.

CeCe Winans returned like she never left. After a 10 year hiatus, everything she has since touched has turned golden, adding another tier to her already legendary status. Acknowledging her return to dominance in both gospel and Christian music, Winans will receive the Aretha Franklin Icon Award. This year’s James Cleveland Lifetime Achievement Award will honor Reverend Milton Biggham, Pastor of the Mt. Vernon Baptist Church in Newark, NJ and founder of several mass choirs – The Miami Mass Choir, The Mississippi Mass Choir, the Dallas Fort Worth Mass Choir, and the Georgia Mass Choir. Songstress extraordinaire, Dottie Peoples will receive the Ambassador Dr. Bobby Jones Legend Award and Dr. Bobby Jones, recognized as a global ambassador of gospel music will receive the Thomas A. Dorsey Most Notable Achievement Award for his indelible contributions to gospel music.

The Stellar Awards have if nothing else a home away from home in Las Vegas. And with community roots growing and deepening, “sin city” could soon be known in posterity as “Stellar City.” Flights are landing, the saints are hitting the strip and over on Tropicana Avenue at the Orleans Arena, gospel music lovers are preparing to rock the arena and raise the roof with praise!

The Stellar Gospel Music Awards pre-show begins Friday night at 5 PM and the 38th Annual Stellar Gospel Music Awards begin at 4:30 Saturday afternoon. Record temps in the forecast, get your reprieve in the coolest seats in the city when the gospel music industry converges on the Orleans Arena for the 38th Stellar Gospel Music Awards. We’ll be there, stay tuned for our reports and red carpet coverage.

The Stellar Awards will premiere on the newly-launched Stellar TV network between July 24 and August 6, 2023, which can be found on Charter Spectrum, Verizon Fios and Xumo Play. Viewers may check with their local provider for availability in their area. 

New Music from DOE, ‘Lead Us Again’

New Music from DOE, ‘Lead Us Again’

Six-time GRAMMY® nominee and two-time GMA Dove Award® winning singer, songwriter, and musician DOE releases a new song today, “Lead Us Again” (RCA Inspiration/Life Room Label).


The song, penned by DOE along with Ethan Hulse and Tommy Iceland, is the introduction to an inspirational story about community. “Lead Us Again” sings of laying down distractions to make room for the direction God designed our paths to be. The powerful song also invites the listener to journey into worship, pursue wholeness, practice humility, seek healing, and revel in thanksgiving. “I’m so excited about this release,” DOE shares. “This song is an introduction to the conversations that I believe are essential to our community. ‘Lead Us Again’ is a pointed conversation initiated from the Community of Earth to the Community of Heaven, praying, ‘Lord, we don’t want to build our services around our formulaic or emotional preferences. Holy Spirit, please, ‘Lead Us Again.’”

In her illustrious career to date, DOE has achieved three No. 1 singles (“Brighter,” “When I Pray,” and “Cuán Bueno”). She has performed at the Stellar Awards, Gospel Super Fest, and the GMA Dove Awards, and to date, her music has received 36+ million streams. “Lead Us Again” is the first to release from her forthcoming sophomore album, slated to release this fall. The album follows her debut, 2022’s Clarity

Connect with DOE at:

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Triller, Twitter: @doejonesmusic 

The Biggest Night in Gospel Music Return to Las Vegas for Star-Studded Celebration

The Biggest Night in Gospel Music Return to Las Vegas for Star-Studded Celebration

Central City Productions today announced the nominees in 25 categories for the 38th Annual Stellar Gospel Music Awards taping on Saturday, July 15, returning to the Las Vegas Orleans Arena. The 38th edition of the Stellar Awards will premiere on the newly-launched Stellar TV between Monday, July 24 and August 6, 2023, as well as air in national broadcast syndication from August 7 through September 10, 2023. Gospel music’s most epic celebration is co-hosted this year by Gospel superstars and multiple Stellar Award winners Tasha Cobbs-Leonard and Jonathan McReynolds, who returns to share co-hosting duties for the 2nd year. 

Don Jackson, Founder of the Stellar Awards and Chairman of Central City Productions, Inc. commented, “I am elated to celebrate this landmark 38th year of the Stellar Gospel Music Awards and its premiere on our very own newly-launched Stellar TV network. Our flagship show is one of the longest-running nationally televised African American awards programs in history – we couldn’t be more proud to bring this new inspirational network to viewers, while honoring the work of Gospel music artists and industry professionals who use their gifts to lift the spirits of many during troubling times. We look forward to another spectacular weekend of family-friendly entertainment in Las Vegas.”

Eleven-time Stellar Award winner Pastor Mike, Jr. leads the field of nominees this year with ten nominations. The trailblazing Gospel artist earned recognition this year for his work on the album “Winning” (Blacksmoke Music Worldwide), in the key categories of Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Producer of the Year, Male Artist of the Year, Contemporary Male Artist of the Year, Urban Inspirational Single or Performance of the Year, Rap/Hip Hop Song of the Year, Music Video of the Year and Contemporary Album of the Year.

With nine nominations, groundbreaking Gospel artist Tye Tribbett is being recognized by the voting body for excellence in the categories of Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Male Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, Producer of the Year, Contemporary Male Artist of the Year, Contemporary Album of the Year, Rap/Hip Hop Song of the Year, Urban/Inspirational Single or Performance of the Year for his work on “All Things New” (Motown Gospel). In addition, the project received a nomination for Recorded Music Packaging of the Year, developed by Mike McKesey and Trent Nicholson.

Always appreciating a great musical collaboration, Stellar Awards voters recognized Maverick City Music x Kirk Franklin with six nominations for keeping the praise party elevated on their project “Kingdom Book One” (Tribl Records/Fo Yo Soul Recordings/RCA Inspiration), nominated in the categories of Artist of the Year, Contemporary Duo/Chorus Group of the Year, Song of the Year, Producer of the Year, Urban/Inspirational Single or Performance of the Year and Contemporary Album of the Year. 

Stellar Awards 2023 co-host and fifteen-time winner Tasha Cobbs-Leonard continues to bless audiences with her gift and is rewarded this year with five nominations for her work on “Hymns” (TeeLee Records/Motown Gospel), including Artist of the Year, Albertina Walker Female Artist of the Year, Contemporary Female Artist of the Year, Praise and Worship Song of the Year, and Praise and Worship Album of the Year.  Also earning five nominations each are Zacardi Cortez for his work on “Imprint” (Blacksmoke Music Worldwide), and DOE, nominated for the first time as a solo artist for her work on the album “Clarity” (Life Room Label/RCA Inspiration). DOE is going head-to-head with Cobbs-Leonard, Maranda Curtis, and legends CeCe Winans and Tamela Mann in the prestigious Albertina Walker Female Artist of the Year category. Mann, a sixteen-time Stellar Award winner, is nominated this year in four total categories for her project “Overcomer Deluxe” (Tillymann Music Group), including Album of the Year, Contemporary Album of the Year and Contemporary Female Artist of the Year.

Other artists earning multiple Stellar nominations include: Travis Greene & Forward City, JJ Hairston, Maranda Curtis, Bishop S.Y. Younger feat. Sounds of the Ramp, and Brent Jones.

An important tradition at the Stellar Awards, Founder Don Jackson will bestow special recognition upon Gospel greats who have elevated the genre. This year’s James Cleveland Lifetime Achievement Award will honor Reverend Milton Biggham, Pastor of the Mt. Vernon Baptist Church in Newark, NJ and founder of several mass choirs – The Miami Mass Choir, The Mississippi Mass Choir, the Dallas Fort Worth Mass Choir, and the Georgia Mass Choir.

The Stellar Awards also announced nominees for the Gospel Radio of the Year Awards in six categories, including Gospel Announcer of the Year. Those nominees include multiple Stellar Award winner Erica Campbell, host of the nationally-syndicated morning show, Get Up! Mornings With Erica CampbellDarlene McCoy Jackson, host of The Nightly Spirit With Darlene on WPZE Praise 102.5FM in Atlanta, GA; Charles Johnson, from KOKA 980 AM in Shreveport, LA; and Melanie Pratt, host of Melanie In The Midday on WPZS Praise in Charlotte, NC.

The Stellar Awards show taping will return to The Orleans Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday, July 15, 2023 and is open to the public. Ticket prices range from $59 – $229, and are available now at Additional announcements regarding ancillary events will follow. As previously noted, The Stellar Awards will premiere on the newly-launched Stellar TV network between July 24 and August 6, 2023, which can be found on Charter Spectrum, Verizon Fios and Xumo Play. Viewers may check with their local provider for availability in their area. 

Some of the biggest names in Gospel will be appearing as participants in this year’s show – stay tuned for future announcements and follow @thestellars on Instagram and Twitter, or Stellar Gospel Music Awards on Facebook for the latest news and updates about the Greatest Night in Gospel Music.

The 38th Stellar Gospel Music Awards show is Executive Produced by Don Jackson, with Jennifer J. Jackson serving as Executive in Charge of Production and Producer. Michael A. Johnson will produce and direct this year’s award show.

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