Your Favorite Song Is In the Cards: This Is Kulture Karaoke

Your Favorite Song Is In the Cards: This Is Kulture Karaoke

Black Attorney Launches Karaoke Game For the Culture


Some games and activities are staples at large gatherings and family functions. Whether you are a professional singer or a professional shower singer, karaoke brings out the best (or worst) vocals around. Whether you are an outspoken extravert or a more reserved wallflower, once you get behind that mic, everyone is equal. Although many karaoke songs are some of the most popular songs of the late 80s and early 90s, one new game merges karaoke, hip hop and R&B and some unforgettable past time memories. Kulture Karaoke lets you set the song theme while reliving throwback memories to some of the most popular songs from “the culture!”

As we experience another new year, the pandemic shows no signs of clearing up. Many outdoor activities are still canceled, and several states have mandated curfews. With most people still stuck at home, Kulture Karaoke lets them keep the party safe, indoors and COVID-free. As an attorney, Dae does not often get to explore her creativity while representing clients. Kulture Karaoke provided a unique opportunity to step outside of her comfort zone, into the gaming world.

“Kulture Karaoke is just that, a game ‘for the culture,’” says Dae Fenwick, owner and creator. “Born during the pandemic, I created this game to be more inclusive and fun for black and brown would-be karaoke stars like myself It’s a feel-good game that can be fun for all ages. I have a love for karaoke and wanted to share that love with others.” It all started during her birthday celebration in September. Dae and a few friends decided to play karaoke for her birthday. To make things more interesting, she decided to have everyone pull a card and select a song to sing based on the categories like “a song that reminds you of middle school.” Her friends and family loved it, and the idea for Kulture Karaoke was born.

When Dae launched the product in late October 2020, she sold out of her first set of games in less than a week. Since then, she has sold hundreds of copies of the game in just two months. “The response has been incredible” according to Dae. “We are all stuck at home right now, or at least we should be, so it has been great to see so many people playing Kulture Karaoke on Zoom or with their friends and family at home.”

Based in Atlanta, Kulture Karaoke is Black woman owned. With categories like, “A Song You Had No Business Singing As A Child” and “Biggie vs 2Pac,” Kulture Karaoke is a unique take on the traditional karaoke that has brought people together for decades to belt out their favorite songs. Dae hopes you will enjoy Kulture Karaoke at your next game night, karaoke night, birthday party, road trip, pre-game or small gathering. Remember, grab a mic, grab your friends, and do it for the “Kulture!” To learn more or purchase the game, visit

Kulture Karaoke is an adult music card game, combining R&B and Hip Hop music into a game format. The company was created in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and designed to bring joy in the midst of uncertainty. To keep up with everything Kulture Karaoke, follow the brand on all social platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube @KultureKaraoke, or visit

Get Your Skate On with Moonlight Rollers, a New Roller Skate Brand by Mother and Veteran, Adrienne Cooper

Get Your Skate On with Moonlight Rollers, a New Roller Skate Brand by Mother and Veteran, Adrienne Cooper

25-year old Adrienne Cooper, the African American founder of Moonlight Roller, has quickly cemented her company’s status in skate culture as the new “it” brand. Since the launch of its highly anticipated roller skate line in May 2020, the company has achieved over $3 million in sales. The roller skates (called Moon Boots) have been purchased in 49 states and across the world, including the U.K. and Australia.

Moonlight Roller has also garnered attention for its new contribution to skate culture: a mobile skate rental counter to transform any space into a pop-up skating rink. The mobile counter branch of the company (titled Moonlight x Mobile) has already approved franchises under the same name in Seattle and Austin.

What makes the brand so special is the company’s young founder, Adrienne, who is both a mother and a veteran. After returning to her love of skating to get through an episode of depression, Adrienne decided to leave her job as a sales manager, creating her own company in March of 2019.

Originally planned as a first of its kind 21+ roller lounge in Chattanooga, TN, Adrienne pivoted her focus to Moonlight x Mobile and mobile skate parties as a way to create income for the company while waiting for the lounge to be built. When the pandemic halted the ability to provide that service, she decided to do a limited run of the rental skates she designed and named Moonboots. The Moonboot launch catapulted the company into the skate industry’s spotlight, and if you ask the many reviewers on YouTube — it’s a contender against long-established skate brands.

With a recent mention in Vogue, Moonlight Roller has been hailed across the country as a leader in the “Roller Revival” (the name for the resurgence of roller skating as a pastime). It’s an innovative approach to skating and creative branding makes it a favorite among avid and amateur skaters around the world. From Moonlight x Mobile’s ability to transform any space into a pop-up skate party, the Moonboots perfect mesh of style and practicality, and the upcoming upgrade of your typical roller rink to a sophisticated lounge — Moonlight Roller is changing skate culture as we know it.

For more details and/or to make a purchase, visit

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Dr. Ebony Butler’s ‘My Therapy Cards’ Revolutionizes Self-Help for Black Women and Teen Girls

Dr. Ebony Butler’s ‘My Therapy Cards’ Revolutionizes Self-Help for Black Women and Teen Girls

Dr. Ebony Butler, the creator of My Therapy Cards, the first card deck and self-help tool for Black women, has done it again! Because she strongly feels that Black girls should not be left out of the conversation about mental health and self-care, she has also created My Therapy Cards – Teen Edition, the first card deck created specifically for Black girls!

Similar to the original edition, the Teen Edition helps Black girls and other girls of color work through those thoughts, habits, and behaviors that impact their growth and development. My Therapy Cards – Teen Edition does not only provide support for self-exploration and insight but intentionally provides language to teen girls so that they are better equipped to understand their emotional experiences and communicate what they want and need. The Teen Edition also provides an age-appropriate guide for self-care and various activities for emotional self-expression.

The mission is to make sure that Black girls have access to quality tools and resources to take care of themselves and their mental health. Not only does the Teen Edition help make the process of emotional, mental, and behavioral exploration more accessible for teens of color, the deck serves as a valuable resource to help parents, teachers, administrators, and therapists partner with teens in their growth process! Working through the deck is sure to make for great exploration, conversation, and dialogue no matter if the teen chooses to work through the deck alone, with friends, with a teacher, or with a counselor/therapist. The prompts and tasks have been carefully crafted and vetted to provide the type of experience that is sure to guide teens through a deeper level of understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Just as with the original version of My Therapy Cards, Dr. Ebony took extensive and intentional measures to ensure that My Therapy Cards – Teen Edition included language, prompts, and tasks that actually resonate with Black girls, other girls of color, and teens in general. No matter if the issue is self-esteem, social media, home life, emotional expression, or peer pressure, My Therapy Cards – Teen Edition makes the work more doable! This is the very first self-help card deck and therapy tool specifically for Black girls, and we are excited to center the mental health and well-being of Black girls in a way that gives them full permission to learn more about themselves right where they are! We care about representation, accessibility, and breaking stigmas associated with seeking help, especially for our Black girls. My Therapy Cards – Teen Edition directly addresses all of this!

The My Therapy Cards – Teen Edition deck includes:

* 15 prompts and tasks per category for a total of 45 cards designed to address mental blocks, habit blocks, and ineffective coping skills.

* Glossary card designed to define common terms and language.

* Emotional wheel to help guide language around emotional experiences and emotional intelligence.

* Self-Care menu card created to provide a variety of ways to practice self-care.

* Resource card for additional support and guidance, including how resources for locating local therapists for continued support outside of the card deck.

* Access to emails containing tips for best practices, additional prompts, follow-up questions, and support!

My Therapy Cards – Teen Edition centers the mental health and self-care needs of Black girls and increases the conversation around ways that we can continue to take care of our Black girls and other girls of color.

The introductory price for My Therapy Cards – Teen Edition is $49.97 per card deck. To purchase or learn more about My Therapy Cards, visit

Remixed Old School Toy Gets Reel About Self-Esteem for Black Kids

Remixed Old School Toy Gets Reel About Self-Esteem for Black Kids

What do you get when you remix the old-school View-Master with affirming content and Black representation for children? The answer is’s new Reel Representation Viewer. makes it easier to discover and purchase children’s books with Black characters, but its founder, Veronica N. Chapman, believes they can offer even more. Research shows that when Black children see themselves represented positively in their media, it fortifies their self-esteem and helps protect them from the impact of racism. That’s why Ms. Chapman is launching a product that provides reel representation, pairing a love for the nostalgic View-Master with the empowering art of Black illustrators.

An entrepreneur and children’s book author, Ms. Chapman employs her talents to uplift Black children. “For years,” she says, “I have been developing products and writing to empower and inspire Black children. Thousands of children have benefited from my endeavors by reading my books, purchasing my products, and using services I designed specifically for them. As a result, Black children have learned to love themselves exactly as they are. They have started businesses, been inspired to challenge themselves, and their self-esteem has increased. Our Reel Representation Viewer is a continuation of my commitment to our children so they can stand tall in the face of any efforts to devalue them, and resist any messages that may make them question their brilliance and promise.”

The Kickstarter Campaign to take pre-orders for the Reel Representation RetroViewer is now live. Back the campaign and show reel love to the children in your life by purchasing a Reel Representation Viewer today at

Follow the brand on Instagram @blackbabybooks

Watch Shakira Shake It with Her Gibson Firebird Guitar During the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Watch Shakira Shake It with Her Gibson Firebird Guitar During the Super Bowl Halftime Show

SHAKIRA–the iconic, Colombian singer-songwriter and multi-GRAMMY® award winner–is drawing rave reviews for her electrifying and history-making live performance last night at Super Bowl LIV, the biggest sporting event on the planet.

Shakira performs with her Gibson Firebird guitar during the Pepsi Superbowl LIV Halftime Show at Hard Rock Stadium. Photo Credit: Andy Lyons of Getty Images. Shakira, Getty Images photos: HERE. Gibson Firebird: HERE.

Performing on her birthday, SHAKIRA played a new Gibson Firebird guitar which was encrusted with 70,000 Swarovski jet hematite crystals. She treated the worldwide audience to a thrilling medley of her music hits celebrating Latin music with a few surprises including “She Wolf,” “Empire,” “Ojos Asi” and Led Zeppelin, “Kashmir” Remix, “Whenever, Wherever,” “I Like It” (Shakira and Bad Bunny), “Chantaje” and “Callaíta” Remix (Shakira and Bad Bunny),“Hips Don’t Lie” and a finale of “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)” alongside co-headliner Jennifer Lopez at the Pepsi Superbowl LIV Halftime Show at Hard Rock Stadium. 

Shakira performs with her Gibson Firebird guitar during the Pepsi Superbowl LIV Halftime Show at Hard Rock Stadium. Photo Credit: Maddie Meyer of Getty Images: HERE.

“I want to thank Colombia for giving me the mapalé, the champeta, the salsa and the Afro-Caribbean rhythms that allowed me to create the Super Bowl Halftime Show that I dreamed of more than a decade ago.”  


Super Bowl LIV was watched by more than 99.9 million people on FOX, rising from last year’s broadcast numbers. Per Fox Sports, a Spanish-language simulcast on Fox Deportes and streams on Fox, NFL and Verizon platforms boosted the average viewership to 102 million, also an increase from last year’s multi-platform audience. 

SHAKIRA recently released a new single titled “Me Gusta”Shakira & Anuel AA, listen HereSHAKIRA has since announced that she’ll embark on a worldwide tour in 2021: 

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez headline the Pepsi Superbowl LIV Halftime Show at Hard Rock Stadium. Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur of Getty Images: HERE.

Watch the entire Shakira and JLo’s full Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show via NFLYouTubeHere.

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Multi-Platinum, Grammy Award-Winning Producer and Recording Artist, Timbaland, Joins MasterClass to Teach Music Production and Beatmaking

Multi-Platinum, Grammy Award-Winning Producer and Recording Artist, Timbaland, Joins MasterClass to Teach Music Production and Beatmaking

MasterClass expands catalog of music courses for aspiring musicians with first online class from ‘SexyBack,’ ‘Drunk In Love’ producer, Timbaland

Courtesy of MasterClass

MasterClass, the online education company that enables anyone to learn from the best in the world, announced today that prolific producer and artist, Timbaland, will offer his first online class exclusively through its platform. Timbaland will provide students insight into his uniquely creative and collaborative process inside the studio, while reflecting throughout on his approach to some of his most iconic hits. Timbaland’s class is now available at Students can enroll in the class with unlimited access for a one time purchase of $90, or subscribe for unlimited access to this class and all new and existing classes through the All-Access Pass for $180 per year.

“Timbaland has had some of the most influential and unforgettable hits of the past two decades,” said David Rogier, co-founder and CEO of MasterClass. “His creative process is both innovative and judgement-free and his delight in making music is infectious and inspiring. With his MasterClass, aspiring musicians have the opportunity to learn music production from a multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning recording artist through an intimate and fun behind-the-table experience.”

Courtesy of MasterClass

With a discography spanning the world’s most influential recording artists across a range of musical genres, Timbaland’s inventive approach to music and production has set a gold standard in the industry. For over two decades, Timbaland’s distinctive style has led to platinum-selling collaborations with leaders in the industry including Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Sam Smith, Jay-Z, Missy Elliot, Aaliyah, Rihanna, Coldplay and more. His unparalleled ability to create compelling beats and unforgettable hooks has been recognized across the music industry, with his work having received dozens of nominations and awards including recognition at the People’s Choice Awards, ASCAP Awards, BET Hip Hop Awards and Grammy Awards, among others. Beyond his various accolades, Timbaland’s industry influence transcends himself, as the iconic producer has dedicated much of his career to the mentorship and support of other producers and aspiring musicians.

“When it comes to music production, the key is believing in your own ideas and finding collaborators that can help those ideas breathe,” says Timbaland. “In my MasterClass, students will walk away with the essentials to bring their own beats to life, giving them the confidence to find collaborators that believe in their vision as much as they do.”

Courtesy of MasterClass

Timbaland’s course is designed for aspiring recording artists and producers at any level and offers invaluable insight into the production processes that have defined his music. The course lays a foundation from creative inception to final production, giving students a chance to develop their own unique styles with a firm understanding of how to manifest that rhythm. Starting with the basics, the course teaches students foundational processes such as building a beat from scratch, working with a vocalist to create a melody, and layering in samples. As students progress, the course builds upon these lessons by delving into sound mixing and design, ultimately establishing a process for creating complex musical compositions. Going beyond instruction, each lesson is colored by first-hand accounts of Timbaland’s own industry experiences. Timbaland and his co-producers also create two new songs from scratch throughout the class. The songs are available for download to those enrolled in the class along with stems that students can use to remix into their own tracks.

MasterClass continues to expand its catalogue into new categories, bringing leading instructors to its engaged base of subscribers. MasterClass provides educational, inspiring, and engaging classes taught by the world’s greatest minds. With more than 50 classes that dive into processes, techniques and philosophies, MasterClass helps students progress more rapidly towards their own mastery, explore new passions, and learn new skills. It offers a unique learning experience, including video lessons, interactive exercises, course materials, peer interaction, and more. Students can subscribe for unlimited access to all new and existing classes through the All-Access Pass for $180 per year, or enroll in an individual class with for a one time purchase of $90. The course can be accessed online at, the MasterClass mobile app for iOS and Android and Apple TV.

Founded in 2015, MasterClass started with the idea that everyone should have “access to genius.” The online education platform provides affordable, engaging, and inspirational online classes taught by world-renowned instructors, making it possible for anyone to learn from the best.

MasterClass’s current roster of courses includes:

Business: Howard Schultz (Business Leadership)

Culinary Arts: Gordon Ramsay (cooking), Alice Waters (home cooking), Thomas Keller (cooking techniques), Wolfgang Puck (cooking), Dominique Ansel (French pastry), James Suckling (wine appreciation)

Film and Television: Werner Herzog (filmmaking), Martin Scorsese (filmmaking), Ron Howard (directing), Spike Lee(filmmaking), Mira Nair (independent filmmaking), Jodie Foster (filmmaking), Ken Burns (documentary filmmaking), Helen Mirren (acting), Samuel L. Jackson (acting), Judd Apatow (comedy), Aaron Sorkin (screenwriting), Shonda Rhimes (writing for television)

Music and Entertainment: Steve Martin (comedy), Christina Aguilera (singing), Usher (performance), Reba McEntire (country music), Herbie Hancock (jazz), Deadmau5 (music production), Armin van Buuren (dance music), Hans Zimmer (film scoring), Tom Morello (electric guitar), Carlos Santana (art and soul of guitar)

Writing: James Patterson (writing), David Mamet (dramatic writing), Judy Blume (writing), Malcolm Gladwell (writing), RL Stine (writing for young audiences), Margaret Atwood (creative writing), Dan Brown (writing thrillers)

Photography: Annie Leibovitz (photography), Jimmy Chin (adventure photography)

Design and Fashion: Frank Gehry (architecture), Diane von Furstenberg (how to build a fashion brand), Marc Jacobs(fashion design)

Sports and Games: Serena Williams (tennis), Stephen Curry (shooting, ball-handling, and scoring), Garry Kasparov (chess), Daniel Negreanu (poker)

Politics and Society: Jane Goodall (conservation), Bob Woodward (investigative journalism), Karl Rove and David Axelrod(political campaign strategy), Paul Krugman (economics and society)

Science and Technology: Chris Hadfield (space exploration), Will Wright (game design)

For more information, please visit

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