After a years long wait, RiZen returns with new music, ‘He’ll Be There’

Your Girls, Adriann, Ashley, Aundrea, and Kanika are back with a BANG! The 2x Stellar Award winners have managed life, marriage, school, and children to reunite to share with you their new single, “He’ll Be There”! In a late 2019/early 2020 conversation with Pastor, producer and broadcaster, Darin Freeman, I heard that RiZen was working on new music. Some time passed, the pandemic hit and I was unsure whether or not we’d ever hear music from these powerhouses again.

Alas, here we are and the ladies’ new single is already making an impact! Many thought that the group would never reunite after their initial hiatus. Adriann and Andrea made a brief return a few years ago but all four ladies have returned with their signature sound. Adriann has made waves as a solo artist and has placed on the Billboard charts with her powerful singles. We’ll have to catch up with the ladies to get the scoop on what they’ve all been up to and what has delayed the reunion. We know life happens and goes on after challenges and loss, but to see the women return to the studio to deliver this new single with more music to come is beyond inspiring.

Which was your favorite song by RiZen? Comment below in the comments.

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