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Lydia Elle’s book reached #1 best seller status in the Christian faith category for books and #1 in 3 Kindle categories (faith, prayer books, and spirituality). It also hit #1 on four hot new release lists, in addition to appearing on the Movers and Shakers list as one of the top selling books.


Facing the worst dark season and losing family, friends, and finances, Elle found herself in the middle of the perfect storm. Realizing help could only come from God, this fueled a time of much needed introspection and redirection of faith. As the situation grew worse, the discovery that faith could increase within appeared, overshadowing the outside fear of circumstances. Elle saw that God was using this period of introspection to wash away all that was hindering forward movement toward true purpose. Rediscovering the power of prayer, Elle found hope in the consistent daily conversations with Him, receiving strength and all that was needed to emerge a stronger person.

“I can’t tell you the first time I did a season of prayer. I have always known how important it is, but the power of prayer seemed fleeting in my life. That was probably a direct correlation to my faith in its power. I have been guilty of using God as a genie—of coming to Him asking for gifts and making requests as a last resort after I had done (or more often not done) all I was supposed to,” Elle explains.

And So I Prayed provides practical life lessons through Elle’s personal conversations with God. While revealing many moments of laughter and tears, ultimately the key purpose of the book is to provide a different view of difficulties and storms by finding the lessons hidden in the midst of the storm.

When asked why she wrote the book, Elle responds “I wanted to help every hurting heart that asks ‘why me,’ and only finds hope in the anticipated end of the trial. I want people to know you can find so much more in the trial while searching for the lessons being taught. We can and should go to God with honest prayers rather than the ones we think He wants to hear. My storm washed away this pretense. It was definitely needed. God knew that.

I can’t say that I would have wanted Him to wash away all that I had claimed to be and pretended to become, but God does what’s right for us even when we don’t know that it’s right ourselves. Though I did not like the rain at all, I know now that I needed it. I needed it to be where I am today—a climber of mountains, not an observer of them.”

And So I Prayed: The First 40 Days is a candid, transparent and witty book that reveals how to appreciate all that God is trying to teach us, even in times of trial and testing. It is available on now.

Who Is Lydia Elle?
With a BA in Mathematics and Music, an MBA and a Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies, Lydia Elle is a multifaceted author who has found success in a variety of career paths including acclaim as an international vocalist. Elle is an award winning member of Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ, a non-profit organization that trains and provides a platform for aspiring talent to present their skills before top entertainment industry executives. Elle has garnered the attention of many within the acting and music industry.

While continually expanding and leveraging her influence to inspire, motivate, and encourage people to achieve their purpose, Elle has a passion for a number of topics including women’s education rights, anti-trafficking, and mentoring youth as they prepare and matriculate through college.

Elle’s debut extended play recording (EP), I Prayed, was released in July 2015 and is currently available on all digital music outlets. This compilation, produced by Grammy-nominated, award winning producer, Erik ‘Blu2th’ Griggs, speaks in melody what the book presents through word. It is available on iTunes here.

To learn more about Elle’s products and music, visit 

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