Arizona mother’s cry for ‘Mercy’ reveals adoption ordeal that left her family ‘Shattered’

For Jenell Jones and her family, adding a family member has been a journey filled with anything but joy and she wrote about the harrowing journey in her book, “Shattered.” Jones’ daughter Mercy is at the center of an ongoing yet enlightening ordeal for adoptive parents. Fostering and adopting children is heart work not for the faint of heart. This was well known to Jones and her family as they have welcomed several children to their home. What shook the Jones’ to their core was the undisclosed, underlying issues troubling her daughter, Mercy.

Not Without My Daughter

What unraveled in the aftermath is a harrowing journey to save a young lady and fight the system that sought to villainize the loving mother. As you can imagine, this has taken quite the toll on the Jones’. Her relentless pursuit of justice has put her at odds with everyone who work to help children like Mercy. How does this happen and how could it happen to a loving mother who wants nothing but the best for her children? Jones is working tirelessly to ensure this never happens to another parent and child while struggling to put her family’s broken pieces back together. Jones could simply consider the adoption a fail and cut her losses before they consume her family. She isn’t backing down though, and won’t quit until she and her family are made whole.

The adoption process is naturally complicated. Jones is not a first time adoptive parent so there was very little that she was in the dark about when adopting her child. An unreported or underreported mystery sent Jones and her family spiraling into despair and on the brink of destruction. What Jones discovered about her child sent her searching for help only to be turned away and turned on by the system she once trusted. Jones has committed to see this fight through. She will not rest until Mercy is back home, her name is cleared and the systems again work for families and not against them.

The search for solutions was futile, soon, Jones found herself facing Arizona’s Department for Child Safety. Pitted against the child she loves, DCS eroded the trust that once fostered hope. She wasn’t only working to save her child, she was working to save herself, her reputation and her family. In the wake of the chaos caused by this, Jones is now an advocate for children and families who don’t find needed help in government agencies and child safety systems.

During the convocation, Jones’ book was a featured release and was well received by bookstore visitors. “Shattered” is available now and can be found at all online major book retailers. In the impromptu interview, I was able to learn about Jones’ journey and her daughter’s plight. Adoption is a matter of the heart and to see Jones and her family ripped apart by the people and systems who could easily help them is disheartening. She remains steadfast in her pursuit of justice for her daughter and will do everything in her power to ensure that she gets the help she needs!

Jones has setup a crowd funding page for readers and friends to support this journey and help get justice for Mercy. You can donate at the link, below.

Medical Expenses for Mercy Jones, organized by Jenell Jones

Hi I am Jenell Jones and I am the mother of Mercy Jones as describe in the book Shatter… Jenell Jones needs your support for Medical Expenses for Mercy Jones

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