Nope, it’s not ice cream. Not yogurt… Not. Even. Edible. But it is certainly a treat. Mocha Whip is turning the clean beauty industry on its head, one body at a time. Mocha Whip’s flagship collection of vegan shea butter treats include shea butter whippies, shea butter swirlies, shea butter balls, and shea butter softies. Each of which are scented to perfection with aromatherapy grade essential oil blends that satisfy any sweet tooth.

Melissa Troupe, founder, CEO and long-time mompreneur developed Mocha Whip’s flagship collection of indulgent shea butter moisturizers in her family kitchen. Her mission was to pair purity and simplicity with unapologetic indulgence. From her past, she learned that super simplified body and hair care created amazing results. The issue though, was it was no fun using a single ingredient product day after day just for positive results. Melissa wanted to uphold the simplicity she benefited from while adding the indulgence she longed for. Her three children, each of whom have eczema, also benefited greatly from the vitamin-rich natural formulas she whipped up.

Soon after launching, Mocha Whip quickly gained the attention of wellness retailers nationwide including Clean Beauty Mart, Blk + Green, Earth Fare and even Whole Foods. “We are completely devoted to using the highest quality wildcrafted plant-based ingredients to whip up the most indulgent and nourishing vegan body care you can imagine,” says founder and CEO Melissa Troupe.

Each shea butter product Mocha Whip offers uses as few ingredients as possible to offer users the most beneficial dose of each ingredient. This is all done without sacrificing indulgent appeal. From Vanilla Chai, to Peppermint Mocha, Mocha Whip has created the essence of some of consumers’ favorite indulgent treats to allow users to unapologetically bask in the “me” time experience.

For Mocha Whip, personal care should be more of an experience and less of a routine.

About Mocha Whip
For the first time, Mocha Whip brings indulgent simplicity to the mainstream beauty aisle and beyond. Mocha Whip is truly devoted to making better body & hair care that’s just as enticing and indulgent as it is incredibly nourishing.

Each jar of mocha whip contains pure ingredients derived from nature, then whipped to perfection to ensure consumers get the most out of each recipe.

For more details about Mocha Whip, visit or follow them on Instagram at @heymochawhip

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