Blood Is Thicker Than Water When It Comes To Music; New Research Reveals It’s Kids Who Influence Parents’ Music Taste

Deezer Celebrates Launch of Family Offer in the U.S. with National Study That Highlights Connections Between Music, Family and Favorite Songs Spanning All Generations

Will Ferrell and Stranger Things’ influence Millennial music tastes, according to Deezer (PRNewsfoto/Deezer)

Today Deezer, the world’s most diverse, dynamic and personal global music streaming company, launched its first-ever Family offer in the United States. A shared music plan that provides access for up to six family members to the full Deezer Premium+ plan, at a cost of $14.99 per month, Deezer Family offers unlimited access to more than 43 million tracks on multiple devices at the same time.

In conjunction with the launch of Deezer Family, the streaming platform released findings from research which explores the connection of music tastes and discovery habits between generations. The results, from 2,000 respondents, revealed that, while family members of all ages shared many of the same habits, there were a few notable differences and surprises.

Consistent with the results, Deezer Family offers members the ability to keep their music tastes from tainting one another’s personalization within Deezer, by keeping their own personal soundtrack – a feature known as Flow – but also by offering them a Family Mix to share with one another.

Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation
The increase in streaming use and new technologies have evolved the way different generations discover and engage with new music, primarily among the younger generation. In fact, 40% of Millennials said they discover music today through streaming apps, the internet or social media, although only 15% of Baby Boomers said they discover music this way.  And while nearly 75% of Gen Y’ers said they discovered music as a child through radio, Millennials discover through the internet and by watching TV and films – more than any other age group.

We Are Family
Family has a huge impact when it comes to music discovery and influence, with 23% of Millennials saying their sibling(s) impact which artists they like and dislike and nearly 20% of Gen Y gives credit to their children for that honor. When surveyed, a surprising 48% of people showed loyalty to their clan and said nobody in their family has bad taste in music – talk about “We are family!”

Stop, Hey, What’s That Sound?
When surveying across generations, Deezer found music has the power to bring family members of all ages together, while its Family Plan aims to have the same effect. Many share the same favorite songs, with Millennials showcasing knowledge for both the classic and new remixes of songs from pop culture, while the use of music streaming and their family upbringing has helped refine their overall tastes:

  • Regardless of how emotional Sean Combs’ tribute to Notorious B.I.G., “I’ll Be Missing You,” is, The Police’s original tune is more well-known amongst Gen Y, with 81% associating them with the song. However, 31% of Millennials think of Puffy when they listen to it.
  • Of those who are familiar with Por Ti Volare, by Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli, over 30% of Millennials credit films, such as Step Brothers and Blades of Glory, for turning them onto it.
  • When asked who released “Make You Feel My Love,” 19% of Millennials answered Adele, while 36% Gen Y correctly identified Bob Dylan as the original artist behind the 1997 hit remix. As a whole, 35% of all respondents thought Garth Brooks was the correct artist.
  • When asked which singer they most associate with “I Will Always Love You,” 74% identified Whitney Houston, with only 19% identifying the true angel behind the tune, Dolly Parton.

“Regardless of where and when music is discovered, we believe it has the power to create some of the best family moments and memories,” said Jorge Rincon, VP of North America at Deezer. “We’re so excited to bring Deezer Family to the U.S. market so all families can build their own personal Flow while continuing to share their favorite hits with each other.”

Deezer Family Plan includes:

  • Premium+ Access – Up to six family members can enjoy over 43 million tracks, zero interruption, and offline listening at just $14.99 per month
  • Personalized, Individual Profiles – Each family member can jam out simultaneously whenever and wherever, with access to their own personal Flow, which predicts the music they want to hear based on their musical preferences
  • Family Mix – A bespoke mix that plays the combined music tastes of all family members
  • Deezer Kids – ‘Just for Kids’ includes the best audio content for little ones, from nursery rhymes all the way to the latest hits for tweens and teens
  • Multiple Devices – Each family member can use two devices per profile and up to three connected devices on the main account, for a total of 13 devices

Upgrade your current Deezer account to Deezer Family or sign up for a free trial of Deezer Premium+. To learn more, visit

About Deezer
Deezer connects 12 million active users around the world to over 43 million tracks. Available in more than 180 countries worldwide, Deezer gives instant access to the most diverse global music streaming catalogue on any device. Deezer is the only music streaming service with Flow, the unique mix of all your old favorites and new recommendations in one ever-changing stream. Based on an intuitive, proprietary algorithm and created by people who love music, it’s the only place to hear all your music back-to-back with fresh discoveries tailored to you. Deezer is available on your favorite device, including smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop, home sound system, connected car or smart TV.

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