Carlton Whitfield expands his prominence in musician proficiency technology with acquisition of music learning platforms

Musician extraordinaire, pioneering mind in the multimedia, and CEO of The CDUB Brand, Carlton Whitfield, proudly announces the acquisition of two major apps for musicians. Created by Thomas Hanes, Piano ClubHouse and Organ Clubhouse teach aspiring musicians organ and piano proficiency through app based learning. When asked what motivated this purchase, Whitfield states “it’s a huge part of who I am.” He praised the respective learning platforms as “one of the first platforms where I got my start as an instructor.” Whitfield has contributed numerous lessons to the library of the nearly 500 instructional videos available. “It fits perfectly into the plan of where I’m taking my CDUB Brand.” Under the CDUB Brand, Whitfield leads the industry in offering modern ministries the full worship experience, without the need of a full 7-piece band. Loops By CDUB puts fully backed performances of the industry’s most-performed worship songs at users’ fingertips. The ease of use has made the app a favorite among most and a necessity for many, alleviating the strain regularly faced by many smaller ministries. The apps are available through the IOS and Google Play app stores. The CDUB brand is synonymous with solution based app programming. With the explosions of “Whoop Triggers” pastors who regularly closed their sermons with the backing of a band found help and hallelujah with the app that allows users to experience the accompany of percussive hits that help punctuate the celebration section of a sermon.

The CDUB Brand

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With its latest acquisition, the CDUB brand is quickly becoming a leader in the mobile learning market. Though Gospel music appeals to many demographics, learning platforms of the genre and its nuanced playing styles remain scarce. The CDUB brand looks to change that by adding Piano Clubhouse and Gospel Clubhouse to its cadre of music technology solutions.

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