Dallas Start-up Firm Announces National Hair Expert as New Brand Ambassador

Hair Guru and Celebrity Hair Stylist, Naturally Isis Joins Friedom Innovation as the Startup Firm’s New Brand Ambassador

In the booming age of social media, self-image is at an all time high and for women, hair is the defining element. Undeniably, the increasing popularity and demand for human hair extensions is consistent with growing trends in social media and celebrity culture. While innovative techniques in the installation of hair extensions continue to evolve, the sew-in method is still considered the “gold-standard”. Friedom Innovation’s Takedown Tool-E™ provides the first innovative device designed specifically for the removal of sew-in hair extensions.

Natural hair expert and educator, Naturally Isis, is the new Brand Ambassador for the Takedown Tool-E™. As a national hair guru, educator, and advocate, Isis Brantley aka Naturally Isis, has been the consistent voice of the natural hair community. Taking the lead in the fight to change anti-braiding regulations for the state of Texas, Naturally Isis was instrumental in the nearly 20 year battle to protect the rights of natural hair stylists.  In 2007, Naturally Isis became the first recognized natural hair expert in the state of Texas. In her expertise, Naturally Isis recognized the gap between the many methods of extension installation and the lack of safe methods in the removal process… until now. Friedom Innovation’s Takedown Tool-E™ bridges the gap between the installation and removal of sew-in hair extensions, providing increased safety and efficiency for the consumer and stylist. No one knows this better than Naturally Isis and her decision to fully endorse the Takedown Tool-E™ speaks volumes.

The Takedown Tool-E™ combines the three traditional hair extension removal tools – comb, razor, and scissors. Compared to the alternate methods, the unique design of the Takedown Tool-E’s™patented C-Shaped Cutting Curve significantly increases safety and efficiency in the extension removal process. The easy to use device is guaranteed to not only save time for the consumer and salon professionals, but also reduce the potential damage to the consumer’s natural hair.

Friedom Innovation has pre-launched the Takedown Tool-E™ on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, offering up  50% off of the retail price. A full launch of the Tool-E™ is scheduled to begin in March with online availability at friedominnovation.com, Amazon.com, Alibaba.com., with Walmart.com in early May.

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