Dalon Collins Returns With New Music: “Worthy of the Glory’

His iconic voice is not easily forgotten, his voice alone is a reminder of the glory days when choirs ruled the airwaves. As a member of the unforgettable ensemble Kirk Franklin & The Family, Dalon Collins’ voice lifted the choir’s message to new heights on songs like “Conquerors” and “Now Behold the Lamb” and other classic from the group. Since the untimely split that all but ended their careers, the singers have relied on their faith, resolve, industry connections and intrinsic fortitude to create a new life, post Franklin & The Family.

Collins, Kisha Grandy and most notably Tamela Mann are still actively creating new music and have ventured into the digital age with their music careers. Following the tumultuous tailspin of the Franklin fallout, Collins has kept busy singing and honing his skills as an actor. Last year, Collins starred in “The Jesus Freak“, a film that earned a limited national release and was seen in theaters in select markets across the country. On the heels of a new movie, soundtrack production and new music, Collins’ latest offering declares that God is “Worthy of the Glory”. The single is available on all digital platforms and will be featured as part of a forthcoming series by Ernest J. Lee. #TEAMWORSHIP

Worthy Of The Glory ft. Dalon Collins – Teaser – Ernest J. Lee Music

Ernest J. Lee in association with David’s Dance Music PRESENTS: Team Worship Session 1 – This Brand New Music Compilation series will debut the summer of 2018! It features original songs & music! Some of the Featured artists include: Dalon Collins, Marcus Cole, Kisha Grandy, Lillian Lloyd, Ernest J.

From Push-It Promotions:
It’s not every day that a vocalist comes along that can literally sing anything and cause the listener to be completely mesmerized by the purity of the voice and undeniable power that their gift possesses! Well the Gospel Music Industry is about to be reintroduced to one such vocalist, we’re speaking of none other than the incomparable Dalon Collins formerly of Kirk Franklin’s platinum selling group The Family! Dalon is back with a very powerful song offering aptly entitled “Worthy of the Glory”. This Unique Gift to the world has been sorely missed, but he more than makes up for his absence with this Melodic but Anointed song! Dalon’s smooth & distinct soaring tenor easily navigates the song’s hills and valleys and brings home the bold declaration that our God is INDEED “Worthy of the Glory”! In a time of great uncertainty and trying times, it’s good to know that we have a hope in HIM that cannot be shaken, and Collins delivers this message with great execution and excellence! So as you listen, think about what GOD is to you and let him know, Lord , YOU truly are Worthy!

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  1. What happened? What happened after Kirk Franklin and the family? I fir sure thought you would blow up like Tamala Mann. No shade but before she would. Can I interview you and talk about it?

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