"Each for Equal" Three Points of Impact for International Women's Day

As a woman entrepreneur, author, communicator, brand elevation visionary and graphic designer, Ms. Sherilyn Bennett has overcome challenges at the highest levels of her expertise. And because many women are still breaking through in pursuit of gender and pay equality, she utilizes her bevy of products and expertise to ensure that each client reaches the pinnacle of their pursuit. She is regularly sought out by prospective clients to fill the void of their visual branding and marketplace strategy needs, a true testament to her work ethic.

She has inspired countless women to not only leap into greater, but to leap beyond limitations of education, age, and even the unknown. This women’s day message is bolstered by her pioneering work with award-winning clients (her companies boast 99% women clientele). 

What Is International Women’s Day?

The touchpoint of her message for International Women’s Day is a clarion call of sorts, with hopes that women everywhere will be inspired and encouraged upon hearing it. Women aspiring to change the world around them can look to Sherilyn Bennett who with her life as a testament of perseverance and faith, encourages women to take three things to heart in consideration of this year’s theme, “Each for Equal”:

1) As women, we must learn to view our differences as assets, not liabilities. 

2) The quest by women to affect change will only be achieved with a united front. 

3) Because “each for equal” communicates the collective lift women contribute to society, we must grow to understand that (for even the strongest women), we need each other!

Three attributes accredited to Ms. Bennett that all women can benefit from are her fearlessness, faithfulness and fierceness. The tenacity with which she pursues purpose has not only blessed her life, but the lives of many women across the United States and beyond.

Sherilyn is the embodiment of a strong woman. She has survived divorce, raising boys to men and even the life-altering layoff that thrust her into the world of entrepreneurship as founder and CEO of the Camden Lane Creative Agency. With the odds stacked against her, she chose to fight with faith and now stands tall not only as a winner, but to welcome other winning women to become their best selves.

As a believer, Ms. Bennett hearkens back to the symbiotic relationships of women like Naomi and Ruth and Elizabeth and Mary. The women needed each other to achieve the great things they became known for and Ms. Bennett feels the same for women, today. Her deepest desire is that women understand the intrinsic affirmation and support women glean from each other in healthy relationships.

Bennett has many a benefactor, many of which attend her Leap, Girl Leap! experience which in three short years is now an international experience. The 2019 experience in Puerto Rico was re-scheduled due to Hurricane Dorian but will convene in Jamaica this summer. This weekend of empowerment puts leading women on a shared platform to impart wisdom and next level know-how for attendees in various phases of life. Ms. Bennett will reach beyond her platform to share her inspiring story of endurance and perseverance with The Clorox Company in celebration of International Women’s Day

Ms. Bennett will be in Atlanta for the International Women’s Day celebration with The Clorox Company but will be sharing this message throughout Women’s History Month in hopes of inspiring women to embrace their roles in relationships that not only lift women, but society!

“We’re thrilled to again celebrate International Women’s Day with lunch and learning from global leaders along with activities that celebrate the indomitable spirit and accomplishments of women at The Clorox Company and the world over”, said Tena Drummer-Nutter, Order Management Specialist at The Clorox Company. She goes on to say, “the presence of both internal and external leaders help bolster our focus to regularly promote diversity and inclusion. This acknowledgment reinforces our commitment to celebrate the historic strides we hope will one day end inequality in the workplace.”

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So, Who Is Sherilyn Bennett?

Sherilyn is the CEO of Camden Lane Creative Agency, a full-service corporate design and branding agency. She has over 20 years in the creative industry in both the news and advertising arena. Her clientele includes Billboard / Grammy nominated and Dove award-winning gospel artist, Jekalyn Carr, Project Runway Model Winner, Liris Crosse, African Miranda from Bravo TV, Food Network’s Chopped Champion Shacafrica Simmons and Stellar-Award winning gospel artist Beverly Crawford along with an array of corporate clients.

Camden Lane is a haven for female entrepreneurs as they make up over 90% of its clientele. To that end, Camden Lanes annual event, LEAP GIRL, LEAP! empowers female entrepreneurs to take their faith into the market place. An ordained minister, Sherilyn Bennett is a celebrated advocate for Female Entrepreneurship.

Sherilyn is an accomplished and sought-after national speaker, award-winning graphic designer and brand strategist who is taking the marketplace by storm. She is a noted author with titles “It’s Time for a Village Meeting: Awakening Moms, Reclaiming Our Girls” and the soon-to-be-released book, “Pink Slip: A Faith Leap Into Entrepreneurship” birthed from her pen.

Bennett’s cross-country travels have inspired countless women to live their faith out loud boldly, bolstered by the belief that they were created with everything they need to walk in their purpose. Additionally, she supports many of these women by walking alongside them on their journey as either attendee of her conference or as a client.

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