Ethan Kent returns with ‘Get the Glory’

ethan kentIt’s been a few years since Ethan Kent burst on the scene with the infectious “My Hope Is In Glory”. He became a household name around Dallas-Fort Worth and gained traction on the national gospel music scene following the single and ensuing release of the full project on his Tonic Blueprint label. From the album, we were gifted with such poignant pieces such as: “The Name of the Lord” and “Bring Us to Our Knees“.

Intrinsically, Kent has the gift of saying what the culture yearns for. With the unrest in our world and spiraling down of normalcy and race relations in America, Kent returns to remind us that even in all that we face personally and corporately, God is big enough to “Get the Glory” out of it. 

As he returns with “Get the Glory”, he’s answering the question of not only what he’s been up to but also what God’s been up to in his life. Bre Botello, credited with the feature closes out the song with the refrain: “Hallelujah, all things work together…”

Turns out, a lot has been going on in Kent’s life since 2014’s Work in Progress. He’s a new dad; but with gain came loss and the untimely death of his 19 year old brother in law, Raphael. Kent has transitioned professionally into a new role at a  new ministry and has lent his gifts to that ministry and musical staff, as associate worship pastor.


From the piano and string intro, sure you’ve heard this Ethan Kent song. However, the body of the song tells a completely different story and OMG, this song jams something serious!
In “Get the Glory”, you experience more than a song, it’s the coming of age for a writer, artist and producer on the level of 10 time Stellar Award winner Anthony Brown.

This song redefines the term ‘trap gospel’ and its hard hitting urban sound serves as the perfect bed for a strategically in tune gospel choir.

This song won’t be listened to only once-you’ll love the song the first time you hear it!

What are you waiting on? Get your copy of “Get the Glory” today.

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