Fort Worth Stands With Israel Prayer March and Rally

For some, the latest conflict in the Middle East is complex. For others, it’s clear cut. As Americans stand with Israel or Palestine, the desire for peace seems to be one that is shared. The March from the JFK Memorial to the Tarrant County Courthouse happened without interruption. However, during the rally, a woman interrupted the speaker and ran onto the courthouse steps yelling at the crowd. Law enforcement officers escorted her and her friends away from the gathering where she continued her tirade which surprisingly wasn’t against Israel but the violence perpetuated in the Middle East and on the West Bank. With no cease fire in sight, the conflict rages on. On American soil, the division remains equally stark.

Our coverage of these events are strictly for news gathering purposes. We were not present for either side of the conflict, but we are glad to have been able to present sentiments of Pro-Israel and Palestinian perspectives. As a bonafide media outlet, we take this part of our work seriously and hope to shed some level of insight on the many complex issues happening in our world, today.

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