Gloria Gaynor invites survivors everywhere to scrub with viral challenge on TikTok

Gloria Gaynor isn’t just surviving these days, she’s thriving! She has survived numerous personal and professional obstacles and is still just as inspiring today as she’s ever been! Today, she’s inspiring her followers on TikTok to limit the spread of the Coronavirus and scrub it out with her #iwillsurvivechallenge.

Gloria Gaynor on TikTok

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With the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is admonishing people to take precautions like thoroughly washing their hands for 20 seconds and refraining from touching their face. Of course, there’s an element of fear that has gripped the nation, but Gaynor wants to add an element of fun that will help keep new infections down!

One of the easiest and most efficient preventions is the simple act of washing your hands – or as Los Angeles Times reports, “scrub with soap and water for 20 seconds — or about the time it takes to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice.” Already a massive hashtag on social media outlet TikTok with #iwillsurvivechallenge enjoying millions of fan vids lip-synching to her worldwide smash, Gloria has decided to use her platform to help spread the health-conscious initiative by filming her own TikTok vid using that popular hashtag.

For the past 41 years, I have watched and listened to how ‘I Will Survive’ has given hope, encouragement and inspiration to my fans around the globe. It is my hope and desire that this song will continue to bless and
heal you during these trying times.”  

– Gloria Gaynor

I will Survive” is Gloria Gaynor’s breakout hit was the sole winner in the GRAMMY Disco category (1980). Not only was Gaynor the only winner of the category, she was the only woman to win the accolade. Gaynor won this year’s Best Roots Gospel Album for her album “Testimony”. With 40 years between GRAMMY wins Gaynor has survived adversity that led her to each win. “I Will Survive” was a B-side and when it hit big, many listeners didn’t even know where to find it. Gaynor knew it was a hit from the start and pressed on knowing that it would be much bigger than the anticipated A-side.

After many years of her desire to record a gospel album being rebuffed, Gaynor was finally able to record the album and what a feat it has been! The desire was fulfilled and great music was made. Gaynor says the newest GRAMMY will be there to “balance out my piano.” With the GRAMMY win, Gaynor not only adds to her award-winning career and growing award collection, she joins a unique group of winners in multiple categories.

Gloria Gaynor isn’t only known in multiple genres, she’s loved and celebrated across multiple generations. Her “I Will Survive” video blew up to nearly a million views and the new challenge is sure to do the same and if nothing else, inspire better health awareness.

Earlier this week, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson announced from Australia that they have contracted the Coronavirus and are recuperating amid filming postponement in light of their recovery. To date, there have been more than 145,000 cases and more than 5,000 deaths, worldwide. On a brighter note, more than 70,000 have already recovered from the virus.

Join Gloria Gaynor on TikTok and replace fear with fun as you wash your hands to the disco classic. We can’t wait to share more about Gloria Gaynor’s 40 plus year musical journey. Subscribe to our “On the Record” podcast so you don’t miss an episode!

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