In Honor of “What Will Your Legacy Be” Month, Dallas Author, Terrie Davoll Hudson Releases New Book, “Leave A Legacy That Counts”

Terrie Hudson Will be a Featured Author at Tulisoma South Dallas Book Fair on August 24, 2019

August is What Will Your Legacy Be month and Dallas-based author, life coach and leadership expert, Terrie Hudson, is answering the call with her newly released book, Leave A Legacy That Counts. Hudson will also be a featured author this Saturday, August 24, 2019 at the Tulisoma South Dallas Book Fair, from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the African American Museum of Dallas, 3536 Grand Ave, Dallas, TX 75210.

Hudson, a former executive with the communications giant, AT&T, wrote Leave a Legacy That Counts to inspire readers to build a legacy that extends beyond financialInstead, her target message is to “deposit your best in people, not your bank account, to leave a legacy that counts.”

Will I make a difference? How will I be remembered? What will be my legacy? Have you asked yourself any of these intriguing questions lately? It’s human nature to ponder the impact we will have on others. But have you thought about intentionally crafting your legacy and taking the steps to leave your individual spark wherever you go? According to author Terrie Davoll Hudson, we all have immense value to impart on this world. Her debut book, Leave a Legacy That Counts,will help you begin discovering your legacy today!

“The most valuable legacy you can impart on others, Hudson says, comes from strong values, lessons, and behaviors that build character and community. For example, as she reflects on the legacies her loved ones left to her, she notes that a love of reading and orating came from her grandfather. This passion spearheaded her career of over thirty years as a corporate leader, motivational speaker, and professional coach.

Just as her grandfather inspired her with his legacy, Leave a Legacy That Counts will encourage you to ask yourself, “What is my calling?” We are all designed to live a life of purpose, which includes leaving an enduring, indelible impact on our families, friends, and communities. If you’re not sure how to start, then Leave a Legacy That Counts is the book for you. If you know how but haven’t felt a need to do so, then this book will inspire you to get busy creating a legacy now. It really is the only true way to live on in the lives of others after you leave this earth. Make your precious investment today by making a lasting deposit in the lives of others.

Leave a Legacy That Counts is available on,, and The eBook is available on Amazon,, and Apple iBooks.

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