In Review: Tasha Page-Lockhart “The Beautiful Project”

With the October 2017 release of her second album “The Beautiful Project”, Tasha Page-Lockhart is on display as a vocal powerhouse. She has matured musically and spiritually and though sometimes the process is without aesthetics, the result is as Page-Lockhart encapsulates it in this album, “Beautiful”. The album is great, do you have your copy? I’ll share a few of my favorites from the album!

The album kicks off with “You Are Good” which is bolstered by a mix of zydeco driven pop. She follows it up with an instant classic: “I Got Joy”. The song is an immediate favorite when you hear it. It’s soft, smooth and really relaxing. It’s also catchy, very singable, lighthearted and fun. One listen and you’ll be singing this all day long! It’s an early indication of the creative breadth of the album, as the song picks up some gospel heft in the vamp! If you’re anywhere near Tasha Page-Lockhart singing this song, you won’t be the same!

“He has made everything beautiful in its time…” Ecclesiastes 3:11

The album theme track “Beautiful” describes the process in which God re-shapes and restores our lives…the end result is something beautiful. She says of the creative process that gave us this project: “This record is basically saying all that I went through, I’m still beautiful. With my scars, with my pain, with my past…everything that I’ve gone through, everything that I’ve seen…it doesn’t matter, we’re still beautiful because that’s how He created you. But guess what? You’re the project, you gotta keep working on you! A lot of times, we put the pressure on God but He’s asking us what we’re gonna do! How are we going to participate in our own deliverance, what part are you going to play? So that’s where we are with this project. Every song is uplifting, it’s encouraging and every song is pushing you to that next level in God.

Thank you Lord, you make us beautiful!
The first single from the album “Over & Over” hit the airwaves with a wave of other retro inspired jams. This gospel spin on the Shirley Murdock hit “Go On Without You” written by Terry and Roger Troutman not only feels and sounds good, it is good! What a testament of the unending love of Christ, it continues even though we fall short over and over again! This ballad is an ode to God’s grace that brings out some of Lockhart’s signature style and phrasing. The vamp…Oh Lord, that vamp! Don’t be surprised if you put this one on repeat. It’s another one you’re sure to love on this great album. Kudos to Zeke Listenbee and Myron Butler for crafting this gem this modern gem!

Tasha Page-Lockhart – Over and Over (Live Music Video)

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Tasha takes us straight to church on “When I Think” and says what many of us do: “When I begin to think, I begin to thank!” Melding together a few classic hymns, this one is what I like to call a church banger! It’s a praise party on wheels and you just may find yourself singing out your car window along with Lockhart: “I’m so glad I’m saved!”

The urban anthem “Help Us” features newcomer Izze Williams and is another favorite from this modern marvel. The album closes with rising artist and producer Bryan Popin who wrote and produced the final cut on the album: Beautiful Savior”.

Tasha Page Lockhart’s “The Beautiful Project” is refreshing and a really beautiful work of art! The album was released on Kirk Franklin’s Fo Yo Soul Recordings under the RCA Inspiration, Provident Distribution and Sony Music family.


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