Independent Artist’s New Single a Call for Love and Positivity

Time To Time – Miranda Writes (Official Music Video)

Download/stream here: A call for love and positivity- This song is about zoning out and embracing whatever your happy place is. Life’s more fun when you do what makes your soul feel good right? One love is the vibe! Website: Follow me on Instagram!

There is no denying that the world is in dire need of greater togetherness, love, and a lot more fun. For Hip Hop artist Miranda Writes, being able to inspire her listeners through her upbeat, playful tracks is what making music is all about.

“Time to Time is about the freedom and peace I find when I’m creating music. Music is my refuge and there’s nothing in this world that makes my soul feel better than the vibes I feel when I’m writing or on the mic.”

Beginning first with poetry at 16, Miranda transitioned to songwriting just one year later, when she discovered her uncanny ability to flip her verses over beats. Music is not Miranda’s only strength or creative outlet. On top of a fast-growing career, Miranda Writesis also a college student with a 3.9 GPA, as well as a talented snowboarder. It’s obvious Miranda brings her strong work ethic and upbeat vibes wherever she goes. 

“What’s most compelling about her sound is her ability to seamlessly fuse myriad influences, ranging from 90’s rap to today’s best dance music into her sound, thus making it accessible, as well as artful,” commented music critic, novelist and Huffpost contributor Randy RadicMiranda Writes is currently in collaboration with producer Cool Typhoon, whose beats have appeared on E’s The Platinum Life and Oxygen’s The Bad Girls Club. Together, they will release Miranda’s next project, “In My Head.”

Miranda Writes debuts “Time to Time” August 3rd, 2018 alongside a music video. “Time to Time” can be downloaded here.

About Miranda WritesNew York City-based artist Miranda Writes creates lyrically-focused hip-hop with an eclectic sound that crosses genres and decades. Inspired by the 90′ hip-hop and contemporary music, Miranda has a modern yet back-to-the basic sound powered by her original lyrics. In January of 2018, Miranda Writes’ 2017 album Know Your Worth was awarded the 2018 Rap Album of the Year, by the Warlock Asylum for its uplifting message told through her compelling rhymes.  When not on the mic during the winter Miranda loves to snowboard, which opened new commercial markets for her besides music such as fashion, snowboarding, and fitness. Her goal is to ultimately make a positive impact on the music industry and her fans.

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