Jermaine Dolly “The Dolly Express”: All Party in the Front, All Business in the Back!

It may take a while, but everybody needs to “get on this train” and see Jermaine Dolly as the uber-talented musician and singer that he is. His musical gift is often overshadowed by his comedy in the witty videos seen across social media but “The Dolly Express” rides the wave of musical genius emanating from the city’s rich musical history! The album is solid but the most surprising track is “I Don’t Wanna Be Moses”, a sentiment undoubtedly shared by most believers with knowledge of Moses’ late years.

“From the success of “You” people wanted to know how I got to where I am, today. I tell ‘em Jesus Christ did that. I come to find out that a lot of people are intrigued by the thought of Jesus Christ. So I’m like now you’ve gotta find a church home to learn more about Jesus Christ. So I’m just inviting people to church and putting a positive light on the church and Jesus Christ”

Encapsulated in the 12-track album is Dolly’s genius to date! Fun tracks like radio singles “You” and “Come and Knock On Our Door” (inspired by the “Three’s Company” theme song) are bookended by his multi-voiced, hilarious skits. Following the last skit, the album takes a more focused turn, one away from the “fun” songs that have characterized Jermaine Dolly since making the leap to become a solo artist. The caboose pulling the tail end of “The Dolly Express” is a four song tour de force featuring some of Dolly’s best singing and exposes his heart!

The Philly heart of the album is exposed in each of the four ballads that end the album. “Waiting” is an incredible ode to patience in the face of today’s challenging times. The bouncing vamp is reprised on the next track and the album closes out with Dolly recounting his journey that began with the words of his grandmother. Dolly’s roots shine through as a lover of both gospel and soul music. This ride is a nod to all the great music from the city of brotherly love. From the musical arrangements to the vocal harmonies, it’s a Philly project through and through! The most lovable feature of the album is getting to know the full depth and range of an artist like Dolly. He’s cracking you up on social media, but he’s a beast of a singer, writer and musician and the Dolly Express perfectly sums it all up!


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