Join Quennel Gaskin & Friends Live at Steinway in Fort Worth


Genius. Virtuoso. Savant. Whichever word you choose to describe the dexterity of Quennel Gaskin, he’ll surely answer. He is one of the world’s most gifted musicians, mastering the organ, piano, drums and vocals. His cunning on the instruments is of biblical proportion and has set him in high regard with both listeners and his musical colleagues. He is humble and you would have to pry to discover the depths of his musical gift, having played with and recorded alongside some of the world’s greatest singers, musicians and ministers.

Next weekend, Gaskin and friends will showcase new music at the Steinway Hall in Fort Worth in what he describes as “a night of great music and entertainment that will touch your hearts and ears.” He has never met a genre he didn’t like and flows seamlessly through gospel, jazz, classical and any other genre that makes up the amalgam of his sound.

Gaskin has released recordings and is poised to make the leap from obscurity to national and even worldwide renown. His effortless stride is reminiscent of the greats like Art Tatum and the incomparable Oscar Peterson. His voicings, syncopations, percussive phrasing, and overall command of the universal language of music has captivates musicians, music lovers and the general public wherever he plays. In a word, it’s enthralling.

You can hear the latest from Gaskin and friends Saturday March 9th at the Steinway Hall in Fort Worth at 7pm. For Gaskin,  intimate settings and limited seating arrangements are advantageous as he regularly engages the audience as they bask in his limitless display of musical prowess.

You can purchase Gaskin’s previously released music on iTunes. To date, he has released a solo worship piano album, two worship singles and an album of praise break compositions…the only way to describe it is “Weather Report meets Gospel”. Gaskin will share some new music as well as some favorites, at the piano hall. Get there and treat yourself. Remember, seating is limited so get your tickets now!

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