Luckett, Founders Kimba Williams and Dr. Barb, Kickoff Kushae’s Cool, Comfortable & Confident Summer With Product Launch, Thursday

Some products are so timely most may assume one currently exists in the marketplace; a deodorant stick for “down there” is quite possibly that new, innovative product. Kushae (pronounced koo-SHAY), the first OB/GYN created, plant-based feminine care system, is set to introduce a new natural deodorant stick, Thursday. 

An innovation in personal hygiene, Kushae is the first to produce a roll-on for one’s most sensitive areas.  Endorsed by celebrity mom LeToya Luckett, the company’s official Brand Ambassador, Kushae is the first feminine health and hygiene company to launch a major global celebrity campaign, focused specifically on helping women become bold, unapologetic, and fearless about making their feminine health a priority. A Black-owned and women-led business, Kushae continues to dismantle the stigmas and barriers women face in speaking about their feminine health and wellness.

With the men’s personal care and hygiene market estimated to reach a $160 billion in 2022, and the feminine hygiene product market alone set to top $125 billion by 2030, Kushae’s deodorant stick is reaching consumers as the demand for products is at a record high.

Stop sweaty, musty odors “down there” in its tracks

with Kushae’s new natural deodorant stick.

“I am excited to work with Kushae. As the proud mom of two beautiful children, I understand how the different phases of life can change a woman’s body. I support Kushae’s simple, science-backed natural products and welcome the opportunity to spread positive information to educate women about the importance of their feminine health and wellness.”

LeToya Luckett

Kushae is turning the feminine health industry upside down in more ways than one. Co-Founder & CEO, Kimba Williams recently raised $1.25M through venture capital/angel investors, making her one of the first 100 Black women to do so. Launched in 2018 with exhibits and expos, the company literally worked to reach and support women one “Kushae” at a time. By 2020 they had achieved triple revenue year over year growth and debuted in Whole Foods Market. The brand has since been featured in global publications including Essence, Vogue, NBC News, and more.

Despite popular trends in the feminine care space, Kushae’s mission and values of always putting women first remain the bedrock of the brand. Led by co-founder Dr. Barbara McLaren (aka Dr. Barb), a Board-Certified OB/GYN, Kushae uses the highest quality natural, plant-based ingredients in every formula to create unique products that are highly effective and manufactured in the USA. Education-driven, the brand focuses on helping women to make informed decisions about their own health; creating avenues for open dialogue where they can feel comfortable and confident about learning about their bodies. Kushae also encourages women to develop feminine health routines and to be more proactive and intentional about their feminine wellness.

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