Make Your Dream of Home Ownership a Reality at the ‘Ask and Receive’ Seminar

Here at SMG, we’re committed to helping improve the quality of life of our readers and listeners. Over the years, we have partnered with a number of real estate companies in our area to help our friends move closer to realizing their dream of home ownership.

We’re proud to present to you the Ask and Receive Seminar, this Saturday in Dallas, Texas.

From our friends at Millenial Realtor:
Have you thought about buying a home, but don’t think you can?

….Aren’t you sick and tired of renting???

Would you sit through a brief, but very informative seminar with a licensed mortgage officer and Realtor®, if we promised to explain HOW you CAN?

We’ll talk to you about:
-Getting down payment assistance

-Low credit score loans

-Getting your mind right for home-ownership

-Benefits of owing a home

-Avoiding pitfalls

If you are ready to find out how to become a homeowner, then please click, “GOING” and meet us at the, “Ask and Receive” Seminar!

You may also text 972-400-1805 with your name and email address to RVSP.

This is event is sponsored by the Faithful Believers Baptist Church, Dallas, TX

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