dsc_0793Latoyia Dennis, mommy advocate and founder of A Chance to Learn has joined forces with Prudential, seven-time  GRAMMY® nominated singer and songwriter, Kelly Price and a host of other influencers announce the 2016 Motivated Moms Tour.










The half day event concluded with a panel featuring these awesome panelists.

  • Kelly Price,
    seven-time GRAMMY® nominated singer/songwriter and founder of
    Look2Live Foundation
  • Rock T,
    on-air radio personality and founder of the Rock T Youth Foundation
  • Michele Thornton,
    senior vice president at BET, Centric and author of Stratechic: Life and Career
    Winning Strategies for Women
  • Elayna Fernandez, www.ThePositiveMom.com
  • Mena Freeman,
    Prudential Financial Planner
  • Sherilyn Smith,
    vision board presenter and
    marketing expert, Enigma, LLC
  • Tiffany Fulcher,
    business architect who helps women entrepreneurs build profitable businesses; CEO & founder of Momspace

Vision Boards Galore & More
If the moms weren’t motivated when they came, they certainly were upon leaving. The morning began with a rousing session of inspiration by Latoyia Dennis, Tiffany Fulcher and Sherilyn Smith who presented Cheryl Roseborough who is a vision board genius.dsc_0778

The ladies learned about not only creating vision boards, but crafting follow through plans. One alarming statistic raised in the early session was the percentage of follow through. It remains very low and the ladies were encouraged to find accountability partners to help guide them through the process of accomplishing  their vision board.

At lunch, inspiration was the main course! With a panel of winning women and Dish Nation’s Rock-T the panel tackled a number of difficult issues from varying perspectives. From Kelly Price’s new normal, Elayna Fernandez’ journey from Central America to the West Coast and Rock-T’s male perspective as a single parent, nothing was off the table in conversation.

Mena Freeman helped the ladies understand the importance of financial awareness and Michelle Thornton, the ultimate BOSS chic schooled the ladies on the importance of achieving balance at home and at work.



That’s a Tough Question!
dsc_0797Kelly Price offered sage wisdom to the ladies in the room encouraging them to eliminate the phrase: “almost doesn’t count”. She intimated to the crowd that she as an artist and business woman on the go, she regularly battled guilt. That was until she came to this realization: “where I fall short, God gives the increase, when I didn’t have all the answers, I had to depend on God…I learned that God is never blindsided even when we are. “He already has the answer to the question, the solution to the problem and already made the way of escape. That’s what happens when you allow your life to be orchestrated by Him”.

The room was charged as the panel spoke life into the atmosphere using their real world experience and wisdom! There’s no doubt these moms weren’t motivated as they returned home that day.



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