Music Executive and Information Technology Mogul Jeff Robinson Launches “The Cultivation Hub Podcast” and New Business Conglomeration The JRob United Group

Chicago native Jeff Robinson has found many ways to exercise his gifts and passion for music.  As an IT Professional, Ministry Leader,Certified John Maxwell Coach, Teacher and Speaker, Content Creator and Event Producer, Jeff has over 25 years of service to youth, small businesses, churches and communities sharing his expertise and inspiring people to live a life of purpose.  He is noted for his popular I.M.A.C. Conferences – (The Institute for Ministry, Arts & Cultivation Conference), a platform for artists and record industry executives collectively to connect through a faith-based institution that provides a platform for academic, artistic and spiritual development. 

With a vision to create more servant leaders, ambitious youth, visionaries and dreamers, Jeff has now unified his companies into one conglomeration called The JRob United Group.  His new parent company will house all of his existing organizations including:I.M.A.C. Conferences International, Jet Foundation Incorporated,and the newest addition The Cultivation Hub Podcast.

The Cultivation Hub Podcast has officially launched and can be listened to and downloaded via iTunesGoogle Play,Spotify and Stitcher.  The Cultivation Hub Podcast is a 24/7 access digital media platform designed to be a channel for Inspiration and Education.

“In a climate of so much hate and negativity, I wanted to get back to building people again,”  says Jeff Robinson.  “This podcast was created to add value to individuals and organizations and inspire them to BE the change the world needs.” In addition to I.M.A.C. and The Cultivation Hub Podcast,  The JRob United Group will provide services, events and products to church leaders, creatives and businesses.  Jeff will offer and oversee Leadership training and development, Coaching and Public Speaking, Content Creation (digital and written), IT Consulting, and additional programs and resources for personal and professional development.

The JRob United Group Contact: / 888-926-1983
P.O. Box 332154, Nashville, TN 37203


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