Newcomer Brad Keaton Out to Prove His Staying Power, No ‘Anomaly’

Soul music boasts a number of world class singers and songwriters. In a way, the architects of the current sound are nothing like the superstars of the past, but the swagger, style and sophistication remains. Newcomer Brad Keaton seeks to add his own signature to the influx of new voices in the genre with his new release, “Anomaly“, this Friday. From his lyrics to his style, and singing, Keaton is out to prove he’s no anomaly but belongs in conversations about the future of soul.

Movin’ On

The Latest Music Video from Singer/Songwriter Brad Keaton. This song, “Movin’ On” is one of the favorites off of his New Billboard-charting EP, “FULL CIRCLE…

Keaton has shared a bevy of Soul and R&B covers on Youtube, but seeks to make his own way and chart his own course with his new music. The Indianapolis native now lives in Spartanburg, South Carolina and touches all the sonic textures between. His comfort belting out a powerful country ballad is equalled by smooth soulful tones and his range was celebrated in the release of “Wrong Way” from his 2019 EP, “Full Circle“. The single debuted #4 on Billboard “Heatseekers – South Atlantic” Charts. Keaton hopes to build on the increase in airplay and notoriety with his new release and shares that it’s a heartfelt message he wants to share with the world.

Wrong Way (with Lyrics) – by Brad Keaton

First Single from the Billboard-Charting EP, “Full Circle” released in April 2019. This soulful urban pop song is an emotional ballad that talks about losin…

My Upcoming Single “Anomaly” when one day I realized that in our culture, relationships that last for a lifetime are extremely rare. I really wanted to celebrate how impressive it is when couples can stick it out through it all and stay together.  My wife and I got married with the expectation of being together for life and, we just celebrated 15 years of marriage in June. This is a mental space that I often write from, as I feel that marriage is meant to be for life, and can be. 

My wife Shemila is my everything, including my sounding board and first audience for all my songs. I bounce all of my songs off her before moving forward with them. This particular song started with a guitar lick that a producer friend sent me because he thought it sounded like something I could do something with.  The song was near completion when I sang it for my wife. She told me that it was too vague and needed better storytelling. So, I went back to the drawing board and dug deep enough to craft the story and write a single to write a single that I’m proud of and very excited to share with the world. This is somewhat a newer sound for me, but I think it will be well received so I’m anticipating the response from listeners.  

Keaton’s release “Anomaly” will be available on all digital outlets when it releases this Friday, August 13th.

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