Remembering, Mr. Wright

The cover of Bernard Wright’s 1981 debut album, ‘Nard

There are some people whose presence in the world makes it a better place. The sun shines brighter, we breathe easier, and pleasantries are easier to come by. Though we may be unaware of their whereabouts, knowing that these people are yet with us makes life a little easier. Then as with everyone we love, eternity comes calling for them leaving only memories and feelings. With the passing of great people, we’re left with the influence of their art, their words, music, and ingenuity. You don’t have to have known Bernard Wright to know the scope of his influence. The sounds of Jazz, gospel, Neo-Soul, R&B, and Pop have all been influenced by the magic of Mr. Wright.

Bernard Wright ©2021 Jeffery Douglas

The industry may have relegated him to a bygone era of music only as good as its latest sample clearance or that Roberta Flack is his godmother, but he was much more than that. With the passing of Bernard Wright, the world is left with his mark of indelible, unparalleled genius. I never met the wunderkind, but I know hundreds, nay thousands of men and women inspired by his unmatched greatness. There are many more whose music has become the soundtrack of my life.

Over the years, I heard my friends describe him as quirky and heady. There was always some talk of him being out of this world musically and otherwise, but to have known Bernard Wright and to answer the question posed in his 1985 smash, “Who Do You Love?”, musicians, singers, music lovers, and everyday people loved the man, the musician, the muse, and the mystery known to the world as Bernard Wright and to friends, family and those under his influence as ‘Nard.

Please keep the Wright family in your prayers as they process the untimely death of a husband, father, friend and so much more. We will share service details as they are made available.

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