She Said It and She Meant It! Try and Make it Beyond the Offensive Book Title You Probably Need to Read

As believers, inspiration comes in all shapes, forms, sizes, messages and messengers. Currently, the gospel industry is preparing to welcome “Bible of Love” by Snoop Dogg. His reputation certainly precedes this album and has thrown the gospel industry into quite a firestorm once it was announced.

While Snoop Dogg’s reputation precedes him, listeners and skeptics alike are anxiously awaiting the album’s full release. Five of the album’s 32 tracks have already been released.

While Snoop may not be the ideal messenger, his album is slated for a timely release. In another instance, a message has confronted Christian women, but the title of the book may divert more readers than it attracts. Author and aspiring lawyer Rebekah DeAndra, Kenza Ashley and Chelea D. Lanham have teamed up to warn other sisters about the dangers of “Dating Biblical ****Boys”. They said it, we didn’t!

Preview the first chapter

The trio is fully aware that the title is sure to draw detractors, but hope the lessons avert more personal tragedy and heartbreak. On her site, Gordon has made the preface and chapter available. If the first chapter is any indication of just how deep into personal relationships the book will delve, be prepared to go well below sea level!

Personal anecdotes comprise the preface and the first chapter chronicles “Dating Jonah”. The parallels drawn between Jonah and men in relationships fleeing purpose are startling. In the quick read, you discover the archetypal characteristics men in damaging relationships unwittingly project.

The book doesn’t let women off the hook, either! As the parallels are drawn, connections are made between the bad boys and the women that enable them . Interesting, isn’t it?!?

A divine message about self-love, purpose, destiny and the decision to rid yourself of the people who are ill-suited to do life with you is encapsulated in a urban slang. A profane hip-hop colloquialism is the message for women who desire freedom in their love lives. Too interesting to be true? It’s not! You can read the preface and first chapter in this free preview, provided by Rebekah DeAndra.

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