ShaVonne Banks-Davis Hosts The DFW Virtual Youth Enrichment Summit

2-weeks of free virtual workshops for Middle School and High School students

Theatre Educator & Program Director ShaVonne Banks-Davis is hosting the DFW Virtual Youth Enrichment Summit via Zoom from 4:00pm to 5:30pm until Friday, August 7, 2020. The online event features 2-weeks of free virtual workshops for middle school and high school students. The workshops are being taught by members of the Facebook Group, “DFW Black Mentors & Youth Organizations”. Over 50 students have registered and are participating in daily discussions and workshops on the topics of social justice, culture, leadership, and life skills.

“If the future lies in the hands of the young people who are attending the DFW Virtual Youth Enrichment Summit…we are good! They are so smart, ready, and aware.”

ShaVonne Banks-Davis, Organizer & Host

Through the support of Big Thought and the Dallas City of Learning, the event is free to all who register. Their support also provided the opportunity to give back to the community by being able to compensate the highly qualified Workshop Presenters for their expertise and contribution to the summit.

For full event details and registration,
click here.

The DFW Virtual Youth Enrichment Summit provides a safe platform for youth to express themselves, meet other students, and engage in interactive workshops. The summit began on July 27 with a discussion entitled, “Being Black in the 21st Century” where students shared experiences and
commented on topics such as police brutality, racism, and attending Historically Black Colleges & Universities. Over the duration of the summit, participants will explore areas such as creative expression, goal-setting, self-care, and healthy relationships.

“If only they knew how much I appreciate what this organization is doing to educate and inspire the next generation. Thank you Mrs. ShaVonne Banks-Davis and much success for the DFW Virtual Youth Enrichment Summit for years to come.”

Michael Guinn, MSW & National Spoken Word Artist

ShaVonne Banks-Davis with Acting With Mrs. Davis collaborated with the Maroon 9 Sickle Cell Support Organization to create the DFW Virtual Youth Enrichment Summit. Maroon 9 is dedicated to working with community partners to create free or low cost endeavors that support arts in the community, spread awareness about Sickle Cell Disease, and highlight important topics.

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