2016-fundraiser-flyerThe Sarcoidosis Foundation of Texas will be presenting their 12th Annual “Song’s in the Key of Hope” fundraiser Saturday night September 17th. This is a annual event where we Unite Music and Medicine for a common cause and that is find a cure for Sarcoidosis.

Uniting Medicine & The Arts for a Cure
Sarcoidosis affects many Americans especially African Americans on a daily basis. This event was formed by Rachella Parks-Washington along with a few family members and friends that wanted to get the message out about this dreadful disease. So if you’re not doing anything on Saturday night September 17th please come out for a evening of music that you will never forget.

Sarcoidosis affects lives and an individual’s quality of life in a  number of ways. Most infamously, it claimed the life of comedian extraordinaire, Bernie Mac. At the time of his health crisis, Mac brought slight awareness of the illness but it claimed his life before he could recover and achieve any level of activism.

Earlier this year, Krazie Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony cancelled his tour because of the illness. The debilitating disease robs each  sufferer of time, the most vital element we all have. Much like Krazie Bone and Bernie Mac,

I Gotta Tell Somebody
Rachella Parks-Washington lost tremendous time and nearly her life dealing with the disease. To worsen the situation, there was very little known about the disease and most sufferers suffer in obscurity, with little known cures made available.How can you help when you can’t really articulate the pain? Sure you know what is ailing you, but for years many were left clueless as to the root cause for their suffering.

There’s a popular saying that says: “My test became my testimony”. When Rachella thought she was losing it all, including her life, it was all turning around for her. Not only did she retain her musical prowess, She learned a new skill, the vocoder. When she couldn’t blow her horn, she used what little breath she had to trigger the vocoder and tell her testimony, exclaiming: “I gotta tell

This year, Parks-Washington  enters her 12th “Songs  in the Key of Hope” fundraiser for the    Sarcoidosis Foundation of Texas. During the event, attendees are treated to music and more. Each year, special emphasis is placed on the education of sufferers and their families. They have the opportunity to ask questions as they are informed by leading physicians. Making this a
premiere event, it is the only of its kind. Each year, Irma P. Hall is on hand to inspire the audience. Hall and Parks-Washington teamed up in 2015 performing the track: “Run, Tell That” on Washington’s Meditative Inspirational Suite.

meditative-inspirationals-suiteNew Mercies and New Music
The album takes us through Parks-Washington’s journey from wailing to wholeness, quite literally. The first song is: “And I Cried” and the last song is: “Bring on Praise” as she BOPs over a shout in 7/4. The album is available for purchase online and features some of the best singers and musicians the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex has to offer. Some of the artists will be on hand September 17th in Fort Worth, Texas for “Songs in the Key of Hope”. For more information and tickets, visit the Sarcoidosis Foundation of Texas website.


The 12th Annual “Songs in the Key of Hope” Fundraiser:
Fort Worth Botanic Gardens Lecture Hall 6pm
Tickets: $20
Featured performers:

Irma P. Hall

Shuckey Duckey

Katrena Armstead

Martha Burk

Rachella Parks-Washington

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