Two new shows added to Jubilee Theatre debut of “Bone Soup: A Kwanzaa Story”

Two new shows added to Jubilee Theatre debut of “Bone Soup: A Kwanzaa Story”

We May Need a Bigger Spoon

Originally slated for two shows, the Jubilee Theatre stage debut of “Bone Soup: A Kwanzaa Story” has been increased to four shows across its debut weekend

Acting With Mrs. Davis & Jubilee Theatre have announced a collaboration presenting “Bone Soup: A Kwanzaa Story” written by “Culture Queen” Jessica Smith Hebron and directed by ShaVonne Davis. Show performances coincide with the 2023 Kwanzaa celebration and conclude this year’s impressive lineup of shows presented at Jubilee under the artistic direction of D. Wambui Richardson. This unique opportunity affords a crop of high school-aged aspiring thespians the chance to use their creativity to educate and inform the community about Kwanzaa through acting, singing, dancing and other artistic expressions.

This presentation of “Bone Soup” is the culmination of a free after-school musical theatre program for underserved youth in Fort Worth. Mrs. ShaVonne Davis, a locally known theatre educator and recipient of a 2021 BeyGood Grant from Beyonce Carter and the NAACP serves as Director. ShaVonne Davis is a Fort Worth native and proud graduate of HBCU Clark Atlanta University where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts. Davis provides daytime and after-school theatre arts enrichment for various Fort Worth ISD campuses and local theatres. This youth production of “Bone Soup” furthers the goal of providing underserved youth equity in access to high-quality, free arts enrichment programs and opportunities.

Acting With Mrs. Davis teaches the transformative power of creative expression as a means of juvenile crime abatement. Many of the students experience unprecedented opportunities to explore the arts and discover a world beyond their imagination under Davis’ guidance. By the close of each program, students, learners, and artists are steps closer to destiny than they were when they began. At the bedrock of this historic collaboration is a desire to develop an interest in the arts, create performing artists to fill imminent opportunities, and ultimately, deepen the pool of local talent from which the Jubilee Theatre seeks to draw.

In “Bone Soup: A Kwanzaa Story,” the citizens of Culture Kingdom use the seven principles of Kwanzaa to uplift their community with the celebration and implementation. Though not a traditional holiday, Kwanzaa was first observed in 1966 and is the original idea of Maulana Ron Karenga, activist, author, and professor of Africana. The tenets of personal and community advancement woven into “Bone Soup” teach both participants and partakers. Experience the enchantment of “Bone Soup” on Friday, December 29th, or Saturday, December 30th at the matinee or night performance.

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Bringing the story of Kwanzaa to the stage

“Bone Soup: A Kwanzaa Story” is a magical play about the citizens of Culture Kingdom who use the seven principles of Kwanzaa to uplift their community.

Known for its iconic founder and ongoing productions, Jubilee Theatre is increasing its investment in the community with the advent of youth programming. This production powered by a youth-led ensemble is made possible in part due to the magic of Mrs. ShaVonne Davis, Acting With Mrs. Davis and Maroon 9 Community Enrichment Organization. Mrs. Davis extends her gratitude to The City of Fort WorthNorth Texas Community Foundation, Arts Fort Worth, and United Way Tarrant County for their generosity and support of her work. These proponents of the Arts help make programs like hers a perennial success.  

Ticket sales for “Bone Soup: A Kwanzaa Story” are underway and can be purchased at Eventbrite

ShaVonne Banks-Davis Hosts The DFW Virtual Youth Enrichment Summit

ShaVonne Banks-Davis Hosts The DFW Virtual Youth Enrichment Summit

2-weeks of free virtual workshops for Middle School and High School students

Theatre Educator & Program Director ShaVonne Banks-Davis is hosting the DFW Virtual Youth Enrichment Summit via Zoom from 4:00pm to 5:30pm until Friday, August 7, 2020. The online event features 2-weeks of free virtual workshops for middle school and high school students. The workshops are being taught by members of the Facebook Group, “DFW Black Mentors & Youth Organizations”. Over 50 students have registered and are participating in daily discussions and workshops on the topics of social justice, culture, leadership, and life skills.

“If the future lies in the hands of the young people who are attending the DFW Virtual Youth Enrichment Summit…we are good! They are so smart, ready, and aware.”

ShaVonne Banks-Davis, Organizer & Host

Through the support of Big Thought and the Dallas City of Learning, the event is free to all who register. Their support also provided the opportunity to give back to the community by being able to compensate the highly qualified Workshop Presenters for their expertise and contribution to the summit.

For full event details and registration,
click here.

The DFW Virtual Youth Enrichment Summit provides a safe platform for youth to express themselves, meet other students, and engage in interactive workshops. The summit began on July 27 with a discussion entitled, “Being Black in the 21st Century” where students shared experiences and
commented on topics such as police brutality, racism, and attending Historically Black Colleges & Universities. Over the duration of the summit, participants will explore areas such as creative expression, goal-setting, self-care, and healthy relationships.

“If only they knew how much I appreciate what this organization is doing to educate and inspire the next generation. Thank you Mrs. ShaVonne Banks-Davis and much success for the DFW Virtual Youth Enrichment Summit for years to come.”

Michael Guinn, MSW & National Spoken Word Artist

ShaVonne Banks-Davis with Acting With Mrs. Davis collaborated with the Maroon 9 Sickle Cell Support Organization to create the DFW Virtual Youth Enrichment Summit. Maroon 9 is dedicated to working with community partners to create free or low cost endeavors that support arts in the community, spread awareness about Sickle Cell Disease, and highlight important topics.

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