The #LikeShareTag comedy tour is on its way to Texas!

Your favorite Christian social media comedians are coming to DFW! Kevonstage, Christianne Porter, Karlton Humes and Anna Douglas will converge on the campus of the Limitless Church in Dallas for a stop on the #LikeShareTag Comedy Tour.  Almost daily, either of these four are lighting up their social media channels on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with belly laugh invoking comedy. Whether it’s Kev’s recaps at home, shenanigans in the car, or clowning around on the clock at Russell Simmons’  All Def Digital, The Christi Show and Ms. Shirleen’s infamous kitten heels, NotKarltonBanks’ spot on church skits or Anna Douglas’ rapid fire re-enactments which post before the real life scenarios have a moment to rest, this foursome is responsible for mass social media consumption throughout the day.

Each of these comedians have delivered numerous unforgettable moments online that have become a part of everyday life for the people who watch their videos. Memorable moments like Ms. Shirleen’s “Dump Trump” protest or self-help admonitions about being your best self and not a “great value” version of someone else  are just a few of the real-life moments on screen that have endeared these comedians to viewers. They’re all relatable, “Lele” is everybody’s bad little sister and more often than not, she’s telling the truth almost no one else wants to admit in just a few seconds on screen. Kevonstage is a part of the comedic trio “The Playmakers” comprised of his brother Kevin and their childhood friend Anthony Davis. Kev has been successful with the group, as a solo comic, with his sons  and soon with his wife on the Love & Laugh Tour. Anna Davis keeps us rolling with each video she posts. Her imagination is out of this world and her gift of funny is screaming hilarious!Seeing them live is sure to add to the the ongoing experience on and offline.

They don’t miss a beat and you won’t want to miss them this weekend! Nothing gets past them, not even tense moments most people wouldn’t comment on. They’re funny and their swing through the Lone Star is can’t miss comedy!

Showtime is 6 pm Sunday November 5th at the Limitless Church in Dallas. For show details, check out the flyer. For more information about this weekend’s shows in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas or for ticketing information please visit the website.

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