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We survived snowmageddon. It was a regular winter storm but what we didn’t know is how unprepared our electricity grid was for it. Lights were out and to make matters worse, plumbing was affected and caused flooding to homes and businesses across the state of Texas. I wasn’t able to return to a full day of work until Wednesday of this week and I felt every piece of the delay. SoulProsper Radio couldn’t update shows, I couldn’t record the SMG Report which was supposed to be in video format and we were unsure if our power would remain on.

Once we were at a consistent point of power, I got to work. Because of our week, I was in no mood to record so I did what came natural. I started writing and after hours of editing, a lost edit (it completely disappeared) and a few hours of sleep, I’m pleased to present this edition of The SMG Report. Do I hope you like it? I just hope you read it! I’ve compiled many stories and included them in this edition exclusively. These stories would normally be on our website, but I’m putting them in this edition as I try out a new format and formula for what we do at SMG. Thanks for reading and as always, send your feedback to us at: I can’t wait to hear from you! —‘Fred

This month’s edition of The SMG Report features a cover story of ShaVonne Banks-Davis and features a portion of the interview exclusive with Bishop J. Drew Sheard. We would hate to keep you waiting, so dive in to this month’s edition and be sure to send your feedback to us at:

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