The Breathe Life Bible is available at major retailers including Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Walmart, as well as independent Christian bookstores.

In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, Michele Clark Jenkins and Stephanie Perry Moore asked the Lord, “What shall we do in the face of continued injustice and oppression?” The answer came as the duo’s third Bible project with Thomas Nelson, “The Breathe Life Bible.” Looking to replace hopelessness and despair with hope scriptural clarity, the project aims to elucidate the truth of the gospel that racism and prejudice have for centuries obscured and tried to eliminate. 

As believers around the world grappled with the aftereffects of a modern-day lynching, many believers grappled with what their response should be. Armed with their answer from God of what they should do, the Sisters in Faith sought the answer to with whom they should partner. Each contributor brought their wealth of gospel knowledge and principles for practical application to this project. What readers experience in “The Sky,” “The Air,” “We Speak,” “Life Support,” “Inhale-Exhale,” #Oxygen, and “Release,” sections clarify the immutable message of the gospel in a clarion call for believers for these ever-changing times.   

Many Americans remain cynical about the role of faith in the pursuit of justice and equity. Given the track record, many are right in their skepticism of the impact of faith in this fight. While watching helpless unarmed citizens breathe their last breath at the hands of police brutality and racial violence, the puzzling paradox of how Christians should respond has become the precipice of a paradigm shift.  

Features throughout the Bible include “The Sky” which in three captivating articles guides readers into deeper fellowship with God. In “The Air,” readers take a look at the content and themes of each book of the Bible. Uniquely, this section provides a 21st-century scriptural context relevant to people of color. “We Speak” guides the reading of the Bible through the lens of 49 people in the Bible. Readers will learn through their lived experiences to inspire faithful living today.  

Life Support” fosters a deep sense of discovery through the examination of 10 selected passages. In the passages, readers will discover God’s truth in palpable ways that inspire faith-filled action. “Inhale-Exhale” is a Q&A formatted section that addresses some of life’s most challenging scenarios. The sections provide scriptural support that empowers the reader to lean on their faith to overcome life’s issues when they feel powerless and susceptible to succumb to them.    

#Oygen, the prevailing theme of the project, features 98 snippets and draws upon the wisdom of the Word to illuminate the deep truths of the Word that inspire action. “Release” brings the B.R.E.A.T.H.E. acronym into focus, with 49 devotions written by foremost Christian pastors and teachers. These lessons edify the readers, extract gospel truth, dispel injustice, and equip the reader to become a change maker.  

Other contributors include Bishop Marvin Sapp, Bishop Vashti McKenzie, Pastor Debra B. Morton, Bishop Kenneth Ulmer, Dr. Franklin Perry, Sr., Dr. Charrita Danley Quimby, Dr. Eric Lee, Pastor Derrick Moore, Arthur Satterwhite, Pastor Tommy Kyllonen, Dr. Helen Delaney, Pastor Tommy Stevenson, LaKeesha Walrond, De’Leice Drane, First Lady Jamell Meeks, James Guitard, Dr. Lakeba Williams, Walter Kimbrough, and Jekalyn Carr.

The Breathe Life Bible’s include articles that explore Scripture through the lens of the BREATHE acronym
(Believe, Reconcile, Exalt, Act, Trust, Hope, and Elevate), Q&A format articles addressing difficult life situations, short biographical profiles, and more features.

“I’m grateful for the team of editors and writers who have created the notes for The Breathe Life Bible,” said Philip Nation, vice president and publisher of Bibles for Thomas Nelson. “This is an edition that leads us to put action to our faith. I hope that their work will give everyone greater courage to stand strong during days that feel overwhelming, shed light on the dark places of this world, and activate us to walk boldly in faith.”

Believers searching for biblical guidance as they pursue justice in the world will find The Breathe Life Bible an important addition to their spiritual library.

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