Without wheels, The Walls Group is on the rebound after driver left them stranded in Atlanta

Before they could even get rolling good on the latest leg of their “Latitude” tour, The Walls Group was stranded in Atlanta, when their tour bus driver left them without wheels and their ten thousand dollar deposit.

The family group from Houston is understandably incensed that the driver is no longer communicating with them, but to make matters worse, he has kept the initial deposit that would have allowed the family to make other arrangements. Because of the devastation to the greater Houston area, the family couldn’t return home.  The cost of emergency lodging due to the devastation of Hurricane Harvey at home and being without tour transportation has cost them nearly what the month long tour travel would.

Pray with us for The Walls Group that restitution is made by this driver and his company.

The Walls Group – My Life (Audio)

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Rikki Klaus from Atlanta’s WSB-TV caught up with the family for an exclusive interview before they were finally able to return home.  You can watch her report, below.

Grammy-nominated artists say local bus driver disappeared with $10K deposit

A gospel group that got stuck in Atlanta after Hurricane Harvey hit now says their bus driver left them stranded. Channel 2’s Rikki Klaus met gospel artists the Walls Group last month at a Hurricane Harvey relief concert in Alpharetta. They had just come from Charlotte, the first stop on their 19-city tour.

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