Your Favorite Song Is In the Cards: This Is Kulture Karaoke

Black Attorney Launches Karaoke Game For the Culture


Some games and activities are staples at large gatherings and family functions. Whether you are a professional singer or a professional shower singer, karaoke brings out the best (or worst) vocals around. Whether you are an outspoken extravert or a more reserved wallflower, once you get behind that mic, everyone is equal. Although many karaoke songs are some of the most popular songs of the late 80s and early 90s, one new game merges karaoke, hip hop and R&B and some unforgettable past time memories. Kulture Karaoke lets you set the song theme while reliving throwback memories to some of the most popular songs from “the culture!”

As we experience another new year, the pandemic shows no signs of clearing up. Many outdoor activities are still canceled, and several states have mandated curfews. With most people still stuck at home, Kulture Karaoke lets them keep the party safe, indoors and COVID-free. As an attorney, Dae does not often get to explore her creativity while representing clients. Kulture Karaoke provided a unique opportunity to step outside of her comfort zone, into the gaming world.

“Kulture Karaoke is just that, a game ‘for the culture,’” says Dae Fenwick, owner and creator. “Born during the pandemic, I created this game to be more inclusive and fun for black and brown would-be karaoke stars like myself It’s a feel-good game that can be fun for all ages. I have a love for karaoke and wanted to share that love with others.” It all started during her birthday celebration in September. Dae and a few friends decided to play karaoke for her birthday. To make things more interesting, she decided to have everyone pull a card and select a song to sing based on the categories like “a song that reminds you of middle school.” Her friends and family loved it, and the idea for Kulture Karaoke was born.

When Dae launched the product in late October 2020, she sold out of her first set of games in less than a week. Since then, she has sold hundreds of copies of the game in just two months. “The response has been incredible” according to Dae. “We are all stuck at home right now, or at least we should be, so it has been great to see so many people playing Kulture Karaoke on Zoom or with their friends and family at home.”

Based in Atlanta, Kulture Karaoke is Black woman owned. With categories like, “A Song You Had No Business Singing As A Child” and “Biggie vs 2Pac,” Kulture Karaoke is a unique take on the traditional karaoke that has brought people together for decades to belt out their favorite songs. Dae hopes you will enjoy Kulture Karaoke at your next game night, karaoke night, birthday party, road trip, pre-game or small gathering. Remember, grab a mic, grab your friends, and do it for the “Kulture!” To learn more or purchase the game, visit

Kulture Karaoke is an adult music card game, combining R&B and Hip Hop music into a game format. The company was created in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and designed to bring joy in the midst of uncertainty. To keep up with everything Kulture Karaoke, follow the brand on all social platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube @KultureKaraoke, or visit

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