The BOSS Network® Ladies That Lead event highlights influential women of color; who can inspire other women by sharing their strategies and journey to success. These distinguished women are leaders not only in their industry but in their community, by setting a standard for what success looks like and owning their power. This event celebrates female leadership and encourages women to pursue their ambitions. This event with feature some amazing speakers and is hosted by The BOSS Network Founder, Cameka Smith.

The Ladies That Lead Dallas tour stop was incredible. The room was filled with women of all ages, races and aspirations. The leading ladies on the panel were informative and empowering. The women shared their stories with candor and class. Each shared from their varying perspectives as professional women and inspired  the women in attendance to go and make BOSS moves of their own.

Cameka Smith is an extraordinary visionary who is impacting women across the nation and continues to lead by example, bringing out successful sisters all across America. Cora Jakes-Coleman was honored during the evening and brought along with her, mother Serita Jakes and husband Brandon. Jakes-Coleman read a prepared statement and

Keynote speaker for the evening, Michelle Williams spoke on re-inventing ones self. She spoke also of the importance of words and how you can speak things into existence. She intimated to the women that a word in jest unlocked the potential for her Grammy award winning career, first as a background singer for Monica and later as a member of the world famous trio Destiny’s Child.

Move Over Martha Stewart!
Williams is moving on from that chapter of her life in favor of following her other dream, that of a home design maven. With her newest venture “Believe At Home”, Michelle Williams now wants to outfit your home with her goods. Currently, her bedding products are sold on evine and will hit retain in 2017. Williams proved to be the perfect pick for keynote speaker when she detailed how she arrived at the name for her bedding line, asking: “…when you lay your head down at night, what did you believe for today?”

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