New Service Launches Monthly Subscription Box for Black-owned Bath, Body, Beauty, and Household Goods

DN Group, LLC, an Atlanta-based company with the primary mission of Black economic empowerment, launches a monthly subscription box to deliver consumer goods from Black-owned brands via These are the types of products Black households most likely already use every day, but just not from Black-owned brands. Black Soap Club aims to eliminate inconvenience as a reason not to support these businesses by making it easy to buy Black.

According to Tre Baker, founder of Black Soap Club, “There are several subscription boxes that provide products from Black-owned businesses, and we encourage everyone to support them, but usually they are not focused on specific kinds of products and you end up getting a bunch of random stuff you may not really need. On the other hand, most people already use products like soap, shampoo, lotion, paper towels, etc., so why not buy them from Black-owned companies? And we help you do that buy sending you these things every month so you don’t have to think about it.”

Given their mission of Black empowerment, it’s no coincidence that they chose to launch during Black History Month. The company has partnered with several Black social media influencers to help promote the service and educate consumers about the importance of supporting Black business as a means of economic empowerment. They have already started accepting subscription box orders, with the first 50 customers receiving 50% off their first month’s box.

The boxes start shipping in March to customers in the United States and Canada.

About Black Soap Club
Black Soap Club was established in 2017 and officially launched in 2018 as a division of DN Group LLC, which also owns DNBE Apparel (a.k.a. dangerousNEGRO) and CrunkGreeks. The company is currently headquartered in Atlanta, GA, with operations in Louisville, KY.

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