Celebrates 4th Year in Operation, a community-based website that serves as the home-base for independent Black workers, is celebrating its fourth year in operation. Founded in 2014 to support Black freelance workers around the world, the multi-faceted online platform offers support to writers, artists, designers, and developers at all stages of career development. has carved a niche for itself in a field that hasn’t had much of a focus on diversity. While most freelance support websites take a culturally neutral, or skill set-specific approach, has decided to focus specifically on the needs, interests, and goals of Black freelancers of all skills. Founder, Megan Williams, shares her thoughts on the future of Freelance work,

“I’m happy to see so many more of us expressing interest in work that doesn’t depend on employers. It’s expected that by 2020, more than 40% of the workers in the U.S. will be freelancing at some level, so it’s something we all really need to get ready for, regardless of our age or career stage.”

Megan also shared information on future plans for the site, “Right now, the site is very focused on blogs, newsletters, and worksheets, but as more people join, share their feedback, and get to understand all the benefits that freelancing has to offer, and that it’s much more than low-paid work, the plan is to build out audio and more interactive offerings to give people more options in terms of tools that help them build the most profitable and life-fulfilling freelance careers possible. I hope that as the site grows, people will use the resources provided to build income, grow their career, and generally improve their lives.”’s practical focus on specialization, proactive marketing, and increasing income, and personal peace has been a continual attraction to the thousands of followers, visitors, and members it hosts each year.


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