Contemporary Services Corporation (CSC) Statement on Route 91 Harvest Festival Tragedy

It is with a heavy heart that we address the tragedy that took place during the Route 91 Harvest Festival. This senseless act of violence which affected our team, family and many others only bolsters our commitment to protecting and serving our clients and their patrons during these events.

We must commend our staff who stood in the face of danger and assisted those around them during the attack.  Two CSC members were wounded in the tragedy, Daniel Rascon, who was shot in the arm but continued to assist evacuation of the ADA platform, and Jeff Bachman who was shot in his leg while helping to evacuate the field.  We also want to recognize the heroic actions of our many other CSC staff members who were also injured while helping others during the terror and confusion.

Sadly, Eric Silva, a 21-year-old CSC team member, made the ultimate sacrifice and died bravely aiding others to safety.  His professionalism, caring and fantastic attitude will be forever in our hearts and we will honor him by continuing his example.  CSC has also created a GoFundMe page ( for donations to help support Eric’s family for whom Eric was the primary source of support.

CSC is committed to supporting our team members, the victims and their families following this tragedy. We proudly commend our staff and the first responders who helped assist festival guests.  Your sacrifice, courage and compassion will not go unnoticed.

Contemporary Services Corporation

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