About Us

The SoulProsper Media Group’s appearance at events include one to all three of the elements. You may see our owner Fred Willis on the red carpet, in the press room, radio row, or behind the scenes capturing the event on film. Fred works closely with top notch PR firms and publicists as an in demand writer. His photographical coverage of events and shows has made him one of the more compelling photojournalist in his network. The complete storytelling found in the coverage is a testament to the SoulProsper Media Group’s dedication to professionalism. We go out far and near to bring you the best coverage available online.

​About Fred Willis
He is one of the most knowledgeable journalists in the faith and family perspectives. He is a well sought out source to inform various audiences. In this blog, you’ll read information about radio, internet radio, streaming and digital music news.

Each day on SoulProsper Radio, listeners from all over the world tune in. While some listening trends mirror satellite radio, some listeners literally take SMG Radio with them everywhere. This is the mantra of the show and station: “we’re in your house, we’re in your car, we are wherever you are!”

SoulProsper Radio has grown since its meager inception and grew in demand topping out at 10 internet stations including a broadcast in the Cayman Islands. With affiliates in every corner of the country, SoulProsper Radio became an active competitor in the world of internet radio. With the exponential growth, SoulProsper Media Group was born. The complete media aspect involves Fred’s blogging, journalism and photojournalism, in addition to show production.

We’re thrilled by all that we’ve seen thus far and are committed to see much more. We believe that we are blessed to be a blessing and with each blessing of access and resources, we want to bless our listeners with quality content and the artists with the greatest overall media experience ever.

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