Opal Lee portrait unveiled at Amon Carter Museum an route to National Portrait Gallery

Opal Lee portrait unveiled at Amon Carter Museum an route to National Portrait Gallery

The Grandmother of Juneteenth, Ms. Opal Lee was honored at home before the portrait in her honor arrives at the National Portrait Gallery. Fort Worth native Sedrick Huckaby painted the portrait of Lee depicted at a kitchen table. The portrait is replete with symbolism with many relics and connections to Ms. Lee’s past and various stories embedded within.

Opal Lee is the woman known for making the final and most significant push to make Juneteenth a holiday in the United States. Her infectious, tireless efforts garnered the support of local and national politicians and celebrities. The impact of her work has inspired work in other sectors by men and women hoping to make a lasting difference for centuries to come.

Sedrick Huckaby is a noted artist and continues to call his hometown home. Huckaby has several notable credits to his resume including the portrait of Ms. Lee but none greater than teaching former president George W. Bush the art of painting. Huckaby was thanked by the president and acknowledged globally for his gift of painting and teaching. To have Huckaby’s work featured in Fort Worth, is another crowning achievement.

Opal Lee is nowhere near the end of her work. If she tells it, she is just getting started and we’re all invited to help finish the work she started! The Grandmother of Juneteenth gave a spirited and inspiring speech to the crowd gathered inside the museum theatre. We were there and we’re glad to share coverage of newsmakers in Fort Worth with our audience.

The City of Dallas and Abounding Prosperity, Inc., celebrate the renaming of Kimble Park in Honor of Irene H. Trigg-Myers

The City of Dallas and Abounding Prosperity, Inc., celebrate the renaming of Kimble Park in Honor of Irene H. Trigg-Myers

In partnership with The City of Dallas, Abounding Prosperity, Inc. hosted a dedication and ribbon-cutting ceremony in honor of the late, Ms. Irene H. Trigg-Myers, one of the founders of Abounding Prosperity, Inc., where the 1.2 acre Kimble Park will be renamed in her honor for her contributions to the Southern Dallas community. Commissioned by the City of Dallas as part of its effort to redress greenspace disparities and revitalize historically underserved neighborhoods. Dignitaries from the City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department, the Dallas Police Department Community Liaison, and other city officials will be in attendance to mark the celebration.

State Representative Venton Jones issued a resolution from the Texas House of Representatives, while Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson issued a proclamation to honor this special occasion. During the dedication and ribbon-cutting, park renderings of the “Irene H. Trigg-Myers Prosperity Park,” were unveiled, memorializing Ms. Trigg-Myers’ efforts to introduce the future of the park by recreating its landscape, beauty and purpose. The highlight of the event was feature performances by world-renowned gospel artists Vanessa Bell Armstrong and Tramaine Hawkins. Armstrong.

Ms. Trigg-Myers was a local community activist who had a passion for assisting families in their transition
from subsidized housing to self-sufficiency. During her career as a property manager, she became an
advocate for fair, safe and sanitary housing practices for families in need throughout Dallas County and
nationally. Her work ethic earned her numerous accolades and stellar reviews from the Housing and Urban Development Board (HUD). Her advocacy work led her to lobby for change for low-income and affordable housing and property beautification on many levels.

Renaming the park underpins this legacy Irene H. Trigg-Myers cofounded Abounding Prosperity, which is just a few miles from the park, on the very principles and morals that made her successful throughout her life; selfless vision and dedication to community. Abounding Prosperity Inc., a nonprofit organization, was founded to respond to social and health disparities devastating communities of color in Dallas County.

St. Philip’s School and Community Center’s 23rd Annual Destiny Award Luncheon featuring Sterling K. Brown

St. Philip’s School and Community Center’s 23rd Annual Destiny Award Luncheon featuring Sterling K. Brown

St. Philip’s School and Community Center will host the 23rd Annual Destiny Award Luncheon featuring Emmy and Golden Globe winner Sterling K. Brown on March 3rd. The Destiny Luncheon will feature a spirited and engaging conversation with Brown, in addition to performances by St. Philip’s students, tributes to St. Philip’s alumni and the presentation of the 2023 Mona and David Munson Humanitarian Award to Ellen and John McStay.

The Destiny Award Luncheon is the signature fundraising event for St. Philip’s School and Community Center. All funds raised from the event benefit the programs that service the 260+ students enrolled at St. Philip’s School, in addition to the more than 4,000 children, adults and seniors active in the St. Philip’s Community Center. Since its inception, the Destiny Award Luncheon has raised over $5 Million to support essential educational and social service programs at St. Philip’s School and Community Center.

It’s time again for the Annual Destiny Award Luncheon at St. Philip’s! The SMG Report has covered a share of these wonderful events and this year’s event is on par with the greatness of previous years! In prior years, we were on hand to behold conversations with the likes of Cicely Tyson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Taraji P. Henson. The Destiny Awards Luncheon brings together some of DFW’s greatest givers and each year, funds are raised to continue the excellence for which St. Philip’s is known. We look forward to this enthralling conversation with such a bright star in Hollywood and beyond. If tickets are still available, you can get them, here.

Maroon 9’s 7th Annual Christmas Toy Giveaway adds an Arts & STEM Twist as it Continues its Commitment to Service in the Southeast

Maroon 9’s 7th Annual Christmas Toy Giveaway adds an Arts & STEM Twist as it Continues its Commitment to Service in the Southeast

In what has become somewhat a new Christmas tradition, Maroon 9 Community Enrichment
Organization will hold its 7th Annual Arts & STEM Intensive and Gift Giveaway for children ages 9
to 17 on Saturday, December 17, 2022, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater
Tarrant County-Nicholas & Louella Martin Branch
, 3123 Avenue G, Fort Worth, TX 76105

Participants who pre-register will enjoy a live DJ, catered lunch, giveaways, and a rotating schedule
of performing arts and STEM workshops. Ages 9-12 will participate in exploratory workshops,
while ages 13-17 will attend master classes in vocal music, theater, and dance at Urban Village
Family Services, located directly next door. All workshops and classes will be led by industry experts
and educators.

Participants should dress comfortably because all workshops will be interactive. To receive
Christmas gifts at the end of the event, all participants MUST attend the entire day. Although
parents are not required to attend, Urban Village Family Services will provide engaging and
informational parent workshops throughout the day.

This event is in collaboration with Boys & Girls Clubs of Tarrant County and Urban Village Family
Services. The event is supported by the North Texas Community Foundation, United Way of
Tarrant County, Toys For Tots, and Arts Fort Worth.

Maroon 9 Community Enrichment Organization (Maroon 9) is committed to enriching the lives of
youth and educating the community by providing free high-quality youth enrichment programs in
Fine Arts, STEM, Life Skills, College & Career, and other areas. Our mission is to provide stable and
safe environments for youth enrichment programs, special events, mentoring, guidance, and
community support. Winter clothing, books, educational activities, boys’ hygiene items, and gift
cards are all needed for the event.

Visit www.maroon9.org or Facebook.com/Maroon9SickleCell for more information on Maroon 9.
For more information or to donate, please contact ShaVonne Davis, Program Director, at 682-200-
9261 or email info@maroon9.org.

Enrollment is now open at the Academy of Visual and Performing Arts in Fort Worth

Enrollment is now open at the Academy of Visual and Performing Arts in Fort Worth

The Academy of Visual and Performing Arts is now accepting applications for the 2023-2024 school year, with the goal of addressing a crisis in educational opportunity equity and fine arts-based education. AVPA is enrolling 6th and 7th graders in its inaugural year and will gradually expand to all high school grade levels. Located on the city’s south side, AVPA brings arts focused instruction to students who because of distance or financial constraints, are unable to attend private or fine arts schools.

Prospective parents can apply at https://avpa.schoolmint.com

AVPA is open-enrollment, tuition-free, open to all students and exists to ensure all students are provided with equitable opportunities to learn through the arts, in the arts and with the arts. The admissions application takes 5-minutes to complete and there are no audition requirements.

AVPA students will experience arts-integrated, project-based learning across subject areas and conservatory programming in dance, digital media arts, literary arts, music, theatre, and visual arts. The middle school program is an exploratory opportunity for students to learn and develop pertinent skills to make informed decisions about AVPA’s high school conservatory programs for which they’ll audition in the Spring of their eighth-grade year. Enrollment in AVPA provides children with access to a learning environment that is designed to meet their needs while also addressing the years-long deficits in literacy, art curriculums, and even culinary deficits that exist in public education. This is the direct result of Texas’ commitment to prioritizing school choice in educational program selection.

Another hallmark of AVPA is its dedication to personalized learning. This is bolstered by a commitment to provide a safe, challenging learning environment that cultivates, sustains, and promotes academic and artistic excellence. AVPA culture focuses on five tenets of well-being by addressing the needs of students enrolled. By addressing physical, psychological, social, emotional, and economic needs AVPA students are more apt to succeed academically and artistically.

Some of the world’s foremost entertainers the likes of Kirk Franklin, Major Attaway, Sedrick Huckaby, Leon Bridges, Tatiana Mayfield, Ornette Coleman, Dewey Redman, Channing Godfrey Peoples, and several others hail from Fort Worth, a city without a major school for the performing and visual arts in their home communities. Though proximity is not always the immediate crisis, opportunity equity, and impedances to fine arts-enriched programming, yet abound. AVPA seeks to fill this void and make futures in visual and performing arts a possibility for more students with the opening of their school. 

AVPA Board of Directors

To schedule a group presentation or individual meeting, please email or call Dr. Stephanie Love at enroll@avpaschools.org or (817) 200-7299. Learn more about the Academy of Visual and Performing Arts today by visiting www.avpaschools.org or by connecting on social media using @AVPATexas on all platforms.

Witherite Law Group giving away $20,000 in groceries and 1,000 turkeys to local families

Witherite Law Group giving away $20,000 in groceries and 1,000 turkeys to local families


Witherite Law Group spreads holiday cheer across Dallas-Fort Worth by giving away $20,000 in groceries and 1,000 turkeys to local families 

  Witherite Law Group1-800-TruckWreck Dallas’ prominent hip hop and R&B radio stations and Fiesta are joining together to provide meals to Dallas-Fort Worth-area families this Thanksgiving – feeding over 1,200 families across the Metroplex. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, food prices increased approximately 11 percent over the last year, the largest increase in 23 years.  More specifically, turkey prices are expected to be higher than previous years due to a combination of inflation and the effects of avian influenza, making it more difficult for already constrained families to meet their daily dietary needs. Witherite Law Group and its partners are committed to serving the community and ensuring those impacted by economic circumstances can have a healthy meal this holiday season.   

Witherite Law Group, along with K104-FM Dallas, will host its annual Turkey Giveaway where 1,000 turkeys will be given to families in need from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. CST, Friday, Nov. 18, 2022, at Fiesta Mart #65, 2225 W. Ledbetter Dr., Dallas, TX 75224.  The event is free and open to the community. Registration is not required. Tickets for the turkeys will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

“This is the second year that we’ve experienced significant increases in food costs, as well as a shortage of some pantry staples.  And there doesn’t seem to be any relief in sight,” said Amy Witherite, founder of Witherite Law Group and 1-800-TruckWreck.  “We’re working with our partners to ease the economic hardships associated with the increase in food prices and ensure families in need have access to healthy meals this holiday season.”

In addition to the turkey giveaway, Witherite Law Group and 1-800-TruckWreck will host the $20,000 Grocery Gift Giveaway in partnership with Majic 94.5 and 97.9 The Beat where 200 people will receive one $100 Fiesta Mart gift card each. The $20,000 Grocery Gift Giveaway will be held on Friday, November 11, 2022, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Fiesta Mart #76, 4245 E. Berry St., Fort Worth, TX 76105

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