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Meet our owner Fred Willis. (featured in Voyage Dallas). Fred is a musician, producer, digital media entrepreneur, freelance journalist and internet radio station owner. He seeks to inform and engage believers of all ages, advancing the Kingdom through challenging articles, conversations and celebrating intrinsic nuance of Christian creatives. For more information about Fred, visit his site where he regularly shares his from his pen to his engaged audience. He is one of the most knowledgeable journalists in the faith, entertainment and family perspectives. He is a well sought out source to inform listeners and readers worldwide. His inspired pen is a mighty pen and has lifted a voice answering the call to accountability, understanding and faith driven living in this digital age. Using his digital platform, Fred speaks as not only a minister of the gospel, but a taste maker within the gospel music industry, a reporter and is now sharing more of his day to day experiences as a man, father, husband, son, aspiring chef, fashion connoisseur, dreamer and doer.