The Christmas Journey

The Christmas Journey

What is December 25th? We know now that it’s not the actual birth date of Jesus Christ, but on this day we pause to commemorate the savior’s birth. Ever so increasingly, my thoughts during what we call the Christmas season are more geared to celebrating why Christ came. He journeyed from Heaven to earth to save humanity. He came to bring us life everlasting. He came to bring us joy! Let’s journey with Christ from the manger to the cross in this brief reading.

Mary, Did You Know?
Who is this baby Jesus, that has come to earth? Mary Joseph and Jesus went to the temple, on the eighth day. Jesus was to be circumcised according to Jewish custom. As the young family approached the temple, they were met by Simeon who unbeknownst to them had been waiting all along.

Before Simeon could finish blessing God, Anna began blessing God…

“This is the one…” John’s disciples would later ask: “Are you the one, or shall we look for another?” He is Jesus, born on this day. He is our light and salvation. It is this baby who has come to earth to avenge God’s people, to right wrongs and to be establish peace on earth.

Joy to the world,  the savior reigns…but today, he’s just a baby.  A baby changes everything, just ask Mary. For humanity, this baby changed and is changing everything. He has come to set captives at liberty. He has come to preach good tidings to the meek and to open prisons to them that are bound. But tonight, is a baby. Shhhh…he’s sleeping.

Let There Be Peace on Earth
He will rise from His slumber and command the wind and waves to be at peace. He will set the earth at peace with His righteous hand and His holy arm. But tonight, he’s a baby.

December 25th is the commemoration of Jesus Christ’s birth ad each new day is a commemoration of His finished work on the cross of Calvary. Friends, this is the root of peace in the life of a believer. Each day begins completed at Calvary, and begun in a manger. The sleeping baby is now the lion of the tribe of Judah. He has come to set you free from the chains and cares of this world. We offer you His freedom and the peace that comes with it.

“Peace I leave with you, not as the world giveth: give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” -John 14:27


Joy to the world, the Lord is come
Let earth receive her king.
 Let every heart prepare Him room
And Heaven and nature sing!

He Came to Give Us Joy
 Have you beheld the Lord Jesus in your life? He was born in Bethlehem and died right outside the walls of Jerusalem.  The world’s joy would later be turned to sorrow as the little Lord Jesus would grow and walk the Via Dolorosa as He fulfilled His destiny. How precious is the day our savior was born! We behold him in this season in a manger, but there is a blessed hope that He shall fill our joy as we behold Him in all His splendor in glory!

“…the glory of His righteousness and wonders of His love!”

So, why don’t you have joy?  Jn. 16:24 Ask that your joy may be full.  Is. 61:1-3 He came to bring us JOY!

On this week, take with you the joy of Jesus’ birth and the promise He represents. As you have opportunity, share this with others. Spread Jesus joy around your world!

-©2016 Fred Willis, SoulProsper Media Group

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