Welcome to The SMG Report, La Keisha Mabry

Welcome to The SMG Report, La Keisha Mabry

Help us welcome LaKeisha Mabry to the SMG team. LaKeisha brings her life experiences and social commentary to the team. La Keisha began her tenure with a bang, curating our Urban One Honors and DMX Uncensored coverage on Facebook. You have been wanting someone like Mrs. Mabry and the wait is over! All things books and entertainment are her beat and you can expect to engage in hilarious banter, hard driving conversations and dialogue about our audience’s wonderful perspectives.

Lakeisha Mabry is a native Houstonian and transplant to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex for over twenty years. Following a nearly decade long stint in the corporate world, she shifted her pursuit to the field of education. She has worked in the field of education for nearly 14 years and has impacted students on every education level. She is a graduate of The University of Texas at Arlington where she earned both her Bachelor of Business and Master of Education degrees. LaKeisha has since began her pursuit of a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership at Texas Wesleyan University and looks forward to completing the program!

She has been married to her husband, Virgil, for almost seven years. They have three children: Kaylor, Justice, and Micah.  She is the owner of “LMJ Tutoring Service” and “Mrs. Mabry’s Unique Desserts”. In 2019, she and her husband founded “The Open Book” a book club for authors and reading enthusiasts. She gives glory to God for who she is and all that she has! She was also inspired by and inherited her strength and determination from her beloved mother, Debra Hamilton. She looks forward to serving God and His people the rest of her life.

We’re glad to have LaKeisha with us at The SMG Report and look forward to hearing and seeing her shine online with our audience! Help us welcome LaKeisha Mabry to the team, we’re glad to have her with us!

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