What We Do…

Sure you’d like to know what it is we do, right?!? We are involved in all processes including the creation and origination of informative content, the audio direction and production of all things SoulProsper Radio. We have our own radio network for those that enjoy our perspicacious playlist.  We are breaking into the realm of video production as well. Soon, we will add video to our growing list of services. 

Content Origination

  • Press releases
  • Articles on major websites/distribution

Project Consultating 
Event Coverage

  • Credentialed coverage
  • Photo Pass
  • Pre-Post write up

Voice Imaging

  • Radio Drops 
  • Commercial/Jingle Production

Audio Production

  • Light mixing
  • WAV file delivery
  • Audio file editing
  • Radio/TV Edits
  • Audio production (sound engineer)

Video Production

  • On location filming
  • In-house post production
  • audio/video sync

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