Who Is Fred Willis?

In this section. you’ll discover content featuring SMG founder Fred Willis. You’ll learn more about his as a husband, father and believer through the lens of the black christian experience in America.

What is December 25th? We know now that it's not the actual birth date of Jesus Christ, but on this day we pause to commemorate the savior's birth. Ever so increasingly, my thoughts during what we call the Christmas season are more geared to celebrating
I discovered advent season when as a minister of music one of the churches I played for recognized it annually. The last Sunday following Thanksgiving until the Sunday before Christmas marks what is observed as advent season.

In it, the birth of Christ
I love Whataburger! Now that that's out the way, let me tell you why I have a newly self-imposed curfew on entering or ordering from the drive-thru during the hours of 11am-11pm. I just can't. My wallet can't. I LOVE the breakfast at Whataburger, it's